‘You the Jury’ Preview: Who Should Be Held Responsible for Racist Facebook Comments? (VIDEO)

You The Jury
you the jury

The lawyers are going to have to do a good job on You the Jury—they’ll have a nation of jurors to prove their cases to. Each episode presents a different real-life suit, with genuine judges, lawyers, plaintiffs, witnesses and defendants. In what may play out as a cross between Judge Judy and American Idol, the viewing audience votes to determine the verdicts. Talk about a show with “guilty pleasure” written all over it.

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You the Jury isn’t about rubes fighting over scratched cars or rent money, either. The show’s disputes involve free speech, racism, internet trolling and more. This week’s episode features a man who took a picture with his co-worker’s three-year old African-American son and posted it on Facebook. The post received some racist comments from his online friends, leaving the mother devastated. Who should be held responsible for the comments? The mother seeks damages for “intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

Watch a sneak peek of the episode below:

You The Jury, Fridays, 9/8c, Fox