‘New Girl’ Goes Bump in the Night, Scares the Schmidt Out of Cece (VIDEO)

New Girl - Max Greenfield, Hannah Simone
Patrick McElhenney/FOX
Max Greenfield and Hannah Simone

So maybe local crime statistics aren’t the best bedtime reading. Or foreplay, for that matter. Overly edgy homeowners Schmidt and Cece (Max Greenfield, Hannah Simone) get a double-dose of jolts in this exclusive clip from Tuesday’s New Girl when they peruse a guide to their new neighborhood and find out that there are, in fact, instances of illegal action around town. Pair this unsettling info with the sounds of what could be a home invasion of the oddest kind, and it’s no wonder the couple’s “cliche” attempt at coitus is so easily interrupted.

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Owning a chill home means never having to say 'take off your shoes.'

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