Brian Williams to visit Letterman After Admitting Iraq War Story he told on The Late Show was False

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Brian Williams to visit Letterman after admitting Iraq War story he told on The Late Show was false
The NBC News anchor is scheduled to be David Letterman’s guest on Feb. 12, one week after admitting he falsely claimed in 2003 he was aboard a helicopter shot down by enemy gunfire, a story he repeated to Letterman just two years ago.

Jimmy Fallon recreates Saved by the Bell with 5 of its stars
Zack Morris, Kelly Kapowski, A.C. Slater, Jessie Spano, Mr. Belding — but no Screech or Lisa Turtle — had a Bayside High reunion on “The Tonight Show.”

John Mayer interviews Katy Perry’s Super Bowl sharks on The Late Late Show
Perry tweeted that her Left and Right Sharks would be visiting her ex-boyfriend, who’s guest-hosting “The Late Late Show” Wednesday through Friday. The two sharks weren’t able to speak, but they were accompanied by a “marine biologist,” who explained that “in the wild, sharks usually swim in pairs. Naturally, there’s an alpha shark on the right. And a clumsier, dumber Left Shark (who) sort of flops around like a sidekick, but (who’s) no less important.” PLUS: Mayer unveils the “Croon Cam.”

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In Martin’s original 1993 outline, John Snow and Arya Stark were supposed to fall in love.

How It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia pulled off its True Detective continuous shot homage
The bar interior and exterior are in different places, so the director had to employ a visual trick.

Star Wars Rebels is bringing on an original trilogy villain
Check out The Empire’s Grand Moff Tarkin, who’s appearing on the Feb. 9 episode.