What's Worth Watching: Taking the Sapphic Detour on Episodes

Damian Holbrook
Des Willie/Showtime


Episodes, "405" (Sunday, Feb. 8, 10:30/9:30c, Showtime)

Like an Entourage with fewer STDs and way more insight into the entertainment industry, Showtime's Matt Leblanc-led, behind-the-scenes satire may seem too inside baseball for some. But on a closer look, it's simply a workplace comedy with the talon-sharp writing you usually don't find on TV… that just happens to be set in the world of TV. It also boasts a killer cast, including the woefully unsung Kathleen Rose Perkins, whose network exec Carol Rance has recently entered into a romance with her new boss, Helen Bash (Andrea Savage, another gem). What's more delicious than the heretofore hetero Carol's own shock at her Sapphic detour is the goofy fun Perkins is having with this twist. Her Carol is still hilariously vain and amoral, but she's now also happy. And fittingly, it makes for great television.