What’s Worth Watching: Crews-ing to Victory on World’s Funniest Fails

Terry Crews hosts World's Funniest Fails on Fox
Michael Becker/FOX
Terry Crews hosts World's Funniest Fails on Fox

World’s Funniest Fails, “Trees: Man’s Only Natural Predator” (Friday, 1/23, 8/7c, Fox)

Watch out, America’s Funniest Home Videos, there’s a new clip-show king in town. Last week’s series premiere of World’s Funniest Fails shocked skeptics when it pulled in more than 3 million viewers, beating out a new episode of Glee as the most-watched program on Fox Friday nights.

While it’s no secret that many people take immense pleasure in watching others subject themselves to an “epic fail,” part of the show’s success must be attributed to host Terry Crews, the former NFL player who makes us laugh every week on another Fox show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Crews’s affable nature and infectious enthusiasm for these viral videos are the perfect way to jumpstart a weekend.