‘The View’ Audience Erupts in Laughter Over This Trump Legal Note

Sara Haines, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Ana Navarro, Sunny Hostin, and Alyssa Farah Griffin for 'The View'
ABC/Jeff Lipsky

The View‘s audience was highly amused by one bit of required reading on Monday’s show. After the cohosts had a lively discussion about Donald Trump (or “You Know Who,” as Whoopi Goldberg refers to him) and his post-conviction political rallies, Sunny Hostin had to take care of a little business. As the attorney of the group, she did her daily duty of reading out a legal notice that reads, “Trump has denied ever having an affair with Stormy Daniels.” After a beat of awkward silence on Hostin’s part, a chorus of laughter could be heard coming from the crowd.

Hostin’s legal note came into play after she herself mentioned Daniels’ allegation that she and Trump were watching “Shark Week” during their brief affair, which would later result in a payout and subsequent conviction of Trump for felonious financial charges.

Elsewhere in the conversation, Sara Haines offered her thoughts as to why Trump’s expected “revenge tour” if he’s reelected president will look different than some might expect, saying, “If he takes office, Hillary Clinton, once won, he was like, ‘I’m done.’ He didn’t care anymore. It’s going to be [targeting] someone like President Biden. It’s going to be things like Project 2025, that really conservation organization has a 1000-page manual. The long game you always speak of Sunny, it’s not about Donald Trump. They’re using him as a puppet to get into the White House. They want a unitary executive theory, which is all about making the executive branch imbalanced and more powerful than what was originated in our Constitution.”

“Don’t make a mistake thinking he’s not going after people,” Goldberg said in a bit of disagreement.

Then, Ana Navarro argued that the most important takeaway from the weekend was that there was such a sharp contrast between the candidates’ activities: “What was Joe Biden doing this weekend? He was visiting the cemetery outside of Paris — you know, the … military cemetery that Donald Trump refused to go visit because it was raining, and he was afraid to get his four hairs wet.”

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