Adam Pally Spoofs Racist Sports Team Names in ‘The 5th Quarter’ Season Finale

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Verizon Go90
Adam Pally / The 5th Quarter

Since launching last year, Verizon Go90’s docu-spoof The 5th Quarter has been hitting it out of the ballpark with its hilariously spot-on skewering of sports films and ESPN’s 30-for-30 series. It helps, of course, that a handful of the executive producers of comedy actually worked on 30-for-30 Shorts, while others behind the scenes come from edgy offerings like Drunk History and It’s Always Sunny. And now, that mix of insider knowledge and nothing-is-sacred sensibility reaches a fever pitch in 5th‘s season finale, which takes a huge swing at the ongoing uproar over the Washington Redskins’ distasteful moniker.

Featuring Happy Endings‘ Adam Pally (soon to be seen in Fox’s Making History), The Office‘s Jim O’Heir and Shark Tank sports mogul Mark Cuban, “The Sheboygan Name Controversy” showcases a scandalized (and mercifully fictional) Wisconsin minor league baseball team that once bore a name most folks with an ounce of humanity would be upset about. Honestly, it may not be kosher for everyone, but beneath the ballsy concept, there’s a scathing slam at cultural insensitivity and public ignorance.

The 5th Quarter, Wednesday, Verizon’s Go90