Sammi ‘Sweetheart’ Feels Like Old Times in ‘Jersey Shore’ Family Vacation’ Sneak Peek (Video)

Jersey Shore Family Vacation
MTV/Mike Sorrentino

Right from the moment Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola surprised her former roommates on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, it felt like old times. Maybe not so much the real dirty stay-out times at the club Karma. But after 11 years, she’s fitted right back in alongside Paul “Pauly D” DelVeccho, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Jenni JWoww” Farley, Vinny Guadagnino, Deena Nicole Cortese and Angelina Pivarnick.

Sammi joined the crew on their Pocono trip after taking up the invitation from Angelina. Once the initial pleasantries passed, the “sweetest b*tch you’ll ever meet” went right into clearing the air with Nicole, Deena, and Jenni. With things relatively smoothed over, the last episode saw the whole gang gear up for an outdoor outing organized by Deena. And no vacation is complete without Deena getting some outfits. This time around it was some unique snowsuits, which made them look like guido and guidette astronauts. We’ll see what happens when the Jersey Shore fam heads on their adventure in the August 24 episode.

Until then MTV has provided TV Insider with an exclusive clip that follows the cast after their day and evening festivities. The girls seem to be getting along as they get in the car, which is good to see considering the unsettled beef between Angelina and “JWoww”.

Angelina asks to put on some music while the meatballs are being their crazy selves, appearing to be feeling a buzz. Snooki starts showing some signs of her alcohol-fueled alter-ego Dren, getting a little testy with Jenni. She calls her a penis driving. Meanwhile, in the guys’ car, Mike observes how the vibe of the girls is at an all-time best with drama practically nonexistent.

The experience gets Sammi reminiscing about past car rides, which leads to a flashback from a Miami 2010 trip where “JWoww” was getting into it with Angelina. Some things have not changed. The mood lightens up immediately in the present when Angelina gets a good song to turn the car into a festive dance party. The guys in comparison are enjoying the quiet and ready to get back to their palatial living space for bed. The music transitions to death metal with the girls rocking out.  I did not have hearing the sounds of Lamb of God on my proverbial Jersey Shore bingo card.

There is still much on the itinerary for the rest of the season (Where are you at Ronnie Ortiz-Magro?). Some eventful Jerzdays to come.

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