‘Good Trouble’: Callie Surprises Gael at a Tough Time in First Look (VIDEO)

The return of Callie Adams Foster (Maia Mitchell) continues on Good Trouble and we have your exclusive first look at her reunion with Gael (Tommy Martinez) in the latest episode arriving March 23.

The former couple is brought back together amid a tough time for Gael who is anxiously wondering where his newborn daughter and Isabella are after suddenly leaving. While Callie returns to the Coterie to support Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) during a time of crisis, it seems that she may have to support Gael as well.

Tommy Martinez in 'Good Trouble'

Tommy Martinez in Good Trouble (Credit: Freeform)

In the sneak peek, above, Gael is contemplative looking into the empty crib at his place, when Callie knocks on his door. “Hey, papa. So, how does it feel to be a father?” she asks while leaning against the open door frame. Gael’s reaction speaks volumes as he appears to be on the verge of tears.

How will Callie react? Only time will tell as the clip ends there. The episode, “It Was Not Your Fault But Mine,” also sees a member of the Coterie anonymously submit a complaint with Alice (Sherry Cola) tracking down the secret critic. Meanwhile, Luca (Booboo Stewart) digs into his past to find his birth certificate.

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