Drew Barrymore Gets Bloody in New ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ Trailer

Santa Clarita Diet

In order for big name movie stars like Drew Barrymore to want to commit to a television series, the role has to be one the actor can really sink her teeth into. No problem in the new Netflix horror-comedy series Santa Clarita Diet, where Barrymore plays a wife and mother who just happens to be undead.

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Created by Victor Fresco (My Name Is Earl, Better Off Ted), the series features Barrymore as Sheila, wife to Joel (Justified’s Timothy Olyphant, above with Barrymore) and mother to Abby (Liv Hewson), who finds that being undead isn’t all bad and happens to come with a few benefits like having more energy and not needing as much sleep.

The first season of thirteen episodes drops on February 3 on Netflix.

Check out the official trailer for Santa Clarita Diet:

Santa Clarita Diet, Premieres February 3, Netflix