Queen Latifah Says She Wants to Bring Back Living Single

LIVING SINGLE, from left: Cress Williams, Queen Latifah, Adam Lazarre-White, 'What's Next?, (season
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LIVING SINGLE, from left: Cress Williams, Queen Latifah, Adam Lazarre-White, 'What's Next?, (season 1, episode 27, aired May 15, 1994), 1993-1998,

The rebooting of classic sitcoms appears to have no end in sight. The latest potential reboot: the '90s sitcom Living Single. Appearing on Thursday night's Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Queen Latifah revealed that a plan to bring back her iconic series is in the works.

A caller to WWHL asked the actress if the beloved show would ever return in the light of so many other reboots. "Funny you should ask," Latifah said slyly as she turned to an incredulous Cohen. "We're actually working on it. It's not there yet, but hopefully we can get it happening."

Cohen followed up by asking if she was trying to get all the originals back. "That would be the goal," Latifah said.

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Living Single originally ran from 1993-98 on Fox. As its title implies, the show centered on six single friends, all living in a Brooklyn brownstone. Along with Latifah (who also produced the show toward its end), the show starred Kim Coles, Erika Alexander, T.C. Carson, John Henton, Mel Jackson and Kim Fields.

While it seems, as Cohen asked, that a new Living Single would be a good fit for Netflix, which already has the retooled Fuller House and One Day at a Time, Latifah said that it wasn't determined yet where the series might land. "It depends, we're still figuring all of that out."

Check out the clip for more of Queen Latifah on Living Single, including her thoughts on the original's competition with Friends.