‘Married at First Sight’: 4 Key Moments From ‘It’s All About The Journey’ (RECAP)

Nicole and Chris from 'Married at First Sight' Season 16
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 16, Episode 5, “It’s All About The Journey.”]

Married at First Sight Season 16 is in its honeymoon phase as the five couples at the center of Lifetime‘s social experiment enjoy their excursion in the Jamaican paradise.

In the episode, “It’s All About The Journey,” the newlyweds strengthen bonds and hit some bumps along the way in getting to know one another. Below, we’re breaking down all of the key moments including activity drama, and much more so beware of spoilers ahead.

First Full Day

Airris and Jasmine from 'Married at First Sight' Season 16

(Credit: Lifetime)

It’s the first full day in paradise for the couples as viewers see the pairs waking up and one couple beginning their journey as Shaquille and Kirsten make their way to paradise following a minor delay for his academic presentation. While they go through the rigors of traveling, Nicole is served breakfast in bed by Chris as they discuss the importance of having deep conversations early on in their marriage. During Airris and Jasmine’s breakfast, he teases her about all the bacon she eats, and they reflect on past relationships with him admitting he was never ready in the past and that’s why his relationships back then failed.

Airris’ honesty pushes Jasmine to open up about her mom going through chemo and feeling appreciative to have his support through the impending struggles. Mackinley and Domynique have a sit-down breakfast and discuss their optimism about the experience of being married at first sight. Finally, Shaquille and Kirsten arrive at the resort where they’re greeted with a fruity beverage and they check out their room with plenty of excitement to go around.


Clint & Gina from 'Married at First Sight' Season 16

(Credit: Lifetime)

Gina and Clint embark on a special excursion that involves driving to a waterfall where they hope to hike and swim. Unfortunately, the road has been washed away in parts from a storm, and so their rerouting results in delays and uncertainty. Ultimately they reach their planned destination where they take in the sights of a waterfall, hike, and swim. During the outing, Clint commended Gina for keeping her cool amid the chaos. Meanwhile, Mackinley and Domynique sail around their resort, Shaquille and Kirsten go on an ATV ride which scares him mildly, and Jasmine and Airris go snorkeling. As for Chris and Nicole, they do a private rum tasting and learn some new dance moves, and she gets candid about how she doesn’t drink much because that’s a part of herself she’s been wanting to improve.

Chilling Out

Shaquille & Kirsten from 'Married at First Sight' Season 16

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Following their excursions, Shaquille and Kirsten talk about their plans as he wishes to work out while she’s too tired. They discuss attraction, and she admits she wasn’t immediately smitten, but her feelings are changing. She shares that touch is her love language, and explains that she’s been reluctant to kiss because she’s not much of a kisser, to begin with, let alone kissing a stranger. This seems to reassure Shaquille.

Meanwhile, Clint and Gina share some snacks and drinks while sitting on their bed in robes and discussing their dynamic. She explains that she’s not needy and is really independent, but she’s noticing her interest in him growing which is a promising sign. That progress seems to take five steps backward when the pair shacks up in a seaside cabana and Gina brings up her lack of physical attraction to Clint, admitting redheads aren’t usually her type. It’s clear he’s offended, but based on what viewers see, it doesn’t appear that Gina realizes that’s the case.

Dinner Time

Domynique and Mackinley from 'Married at First Sight' Season 16

(Credit: Lifetime)

Jasmine and Airris enjoy a seaside meal that seems to begin seriously until he shocks her by asking what her favorite sex position is. At first, Jasmine laughs, but ultimately she engages, noting that she isn’t against sex, it’s just she’s more modest publicly and doesn’t like discussing in an open way on camera. The next day when they’re playing frisbee by the ocean, Airris learns his bride is left-handed and reveals to her that he’s never been in love with a woman before, raising multiple red flags in the process. Will that fly with her? Only time will tell.

Domynique and Mackinley have a fancy dinner together which begins with her nearly falling down on the ground after tripping on her heels, but Mackinley’s there to rescue her. While they chat over their meal, they make plans and Mackinley shares his appreciation for her pushing him out of his comfort zone. They end their night by enjoying dessert in the pool and building their sexual chemistry.

Nicole and Chris also have a fancy dinner where they talk about love, and he admits he isn’t there quite yet, but he can imagine falling in love with her. The topic of kids is also broached, and she admits it’s not something she’s eager for, but she isn’t against having them. Chris wants at least two kids, so this could be a problem for them in the future.

Kirsten and Shaquille continue to deepen their bond over dinner. When he tells her he tends to overthink things, Kirsten tells Shaquille that they don’t have to be perfect and that he can just be himself around her. The moment seems to set something positive in motion.

How will these couples fare as Season 16 continues on Lifetime? Stay tuned to find out when Married at First Sight airs next week.

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