‘Lingo’ Joins Game-Show Rush, Jack White Rocks ‘American Pickers,’ HGTV Brothers Battle with No Rules, ‘Big Sky’ Standoff

RuPaul hosts a prime-time version of the word game Lingo for CBS, joining new editions of The Price Is Right at Night and the return on Fox of a celebrity version of Name That Tune. Rocker Jack White enlists American Pickers to help him hunt for a special relic. Drew and Jonathan Scott compete in a No Rules season of house-flipping contest Brother vs. Brother. The penultimate episode of ABC’s Big Sky: Deadly Trails leads to multiple cliffhangers.

Lingo RuPaul Charles
Guy Levy/CBS


Series Premiere

Like Wordle come to life, the word game that was formerly a staple of the Game Show Network moves to CBS in a prime-time edition hosted by Emmy winner RuPaul Charles. Teams face off to guess five-letter words in a fast-paced contest with a $50,000 jackpot prize. Preceded by a new edition of The Price Is Right at Night (9/8c), where grocery store employees are the contestants, testing their first-hand knowledge of product pricing.

Name That Tune - Randy Jackson and Jane Krakowski
Michael Becker/Fox

Name That Tune

Season Premiere

Game shows are currently all the rage this midseason, which includes the return for Season 3 of a celebrity-driven version of the musical brain-teaser. In the opener, host Jane Krakowski welcomes wrestler Chris Jericho and Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon for one round, while fellow Olympian and pro basketball player Sheryl Swoopes takes on singer/personality Todrick Hall in another.

Jack White in 'American Pickers'
The History Channels

American Pickers

Rocker Jack White of the White Stripes could use the pickers’ help, beckoning Mike Wolfe and Danielle Colby to Detroit for a special mission. The goal: to find a one-of-a-kind recording trailer that has gone missing for decades. (The story continues in the Jan. 25 episode.)

Drew Scott, Jonathan Scott-'Brother vs Brother'

Brother vs. Brother

Season Premiere

The sibling house-flipping rivalry of brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott goes to a new level in the latest season of the hit series, this time with no limit on budgets or other restrictions. While Drew tackles a hillside fixer-upper, Jonathan renovates a home near the beach, with older brother JD as referee and Jonathan’s girlfriend Zooey Deschanel (New Girl) weighing in as a native Angeleno. In the opener, the bros work on their homes’ living rooms and front entrances, with HGTV stars David Bromstad and Kendra Wilkinson judging the results. The winner gets an out-of-the-world prize, operating the Mars Rover at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab.

Jensen Ackles and Katheryn Winnick in 'Big Sky'
ABC/Anna Kooris

Big Sky

The season finale of the Sunny Barnes (Reba McEntire) storyline is next week, so expect plenty of cliffhangers as Jenny (Katheryn Winnick), Cassie (Kylie Bunbury) and Beau (Jensen Ackles) go after the Bleeding Heart Killer, who’s on the loose. Elsewhere, crooked Avery’s (Henry Ian Cusick) dealings with greedy mobsters lead to a standoff, and Beau’s daughter Emily (Cree Cicchino) and office wit Denise (Dedee Pfeiffer) find themselves in jeopardy.

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