‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Sweeps Board, Leaves Pat Sajak in Shock (VIDEO)

Ricky Gilbert and Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune
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After 40 years of hosting Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak has pretty much seen it all, which is what made the events of Tuesday’s (December 20) game that much more shocking.

New York-based software engineer Ricky Gilbert did something that some fans have “never seen” as he correctly answered every single puzzle in the episode, including the bonus round. He ended up walking away with a total of $89,120 after leaving both Sajak and viewers absolutely gobsmacked.

“Ricky is en fuego here,” Sajak said at one point in the episode as Gilbert continued to rack up correct answers. And after going 3 for 3 on the triple toss-up puzzles, an almost speechless Sajak simply responded with a baffled but impressed, “Huh!”

As Gilbert continued his clean sweep, Sajak joked to the two other contestants, “I don’t even want to talk to you.”


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“Some dude named Ricky just pitched a shut out on Wheel of Fortune. Very fortunate to be a witness to this sporting master class,” tweeted one viewer after Tuesday’s episode.

“The winner of Wheel of Fortune solved all the puzzles and no one else did? Has this ever happened before?” asked another shocked fan.

It turns out it has happened before, but rarely, as one viewer explained, “Ricky Gilbert is the first Wheel of Fortune contestant to solve every puzzle including the Bonus Round since the addition of the Triple Toss-Ups. This has only happened 19 times since the addition of Toss-Ups in 2000. Way to go, Ricky!”

However, while many were impressed by Gilbert’s performance, some thought he messed up his chance at winning the $1 million prize. “If you’re up by $45,000 and you have the million dollar wedge, you do not touch the wheel. That’s just smart #wheeloffortune strategy,” wrote one viewer.

Gilbert appeared to agree, responding, “I didn’t know the puzzle yet! But you aren’t wrong!”

Another viewer felt similarly, asking, “In the fourth round, did you consider blowing your turn on purpose so you could defend your Million Dollar Wedge that you eventually lost from too much spinning?”

“I didn’t. I wish I thought of that beforehand,” Gilbert replied. “But you still have to spin to say a letter, and I didn’t know the puzzle yet. I wanted to save the wild card for the final round. But regardless, I wouldn’t have won the Million so no regrets!”

Despite missing out on a chance for the $1 million, Gilbert said he “Loved being on, great experience!”

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