‘Minx’ Star Jake Johnson Hints Show Could Be Saved Despite HBO Max Cancellation

Jake Johnson and Idara Victor in 'Minx'

Jake Johnson is offering some hopeful words to fans following the shocking cancellation of Minx at HBO Max.

The series, which premiered earlier this year, had initially been renewed for Season 2 and was in the midst of production when HBO Max announced the news. Clearly, the reveal came as a surprise to Minx stars such as Johnson, who plays publisher Doug in the ’70s-set series about the creation of the first erotic magazine for women.


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Taking to social media the day after the cancellation announcement, Johnson shared a photo of himself alongside costar Ophelia Lovibond on Instagram, captioning it with a hopeful update for viewers. “We’ve been removed from HBO Max but we’re still finishing the season,” the actor declared. “So thankfully they didn’t halt production. We’re about a week away from being finished shooting.”

In other words, despite the upsetting news, it’s business as usual on set. As for Johnson providing hope, he teases that Seasons 1 and 2 are likely to end up on another platform or at another TV home, alongside a potential third season! “From what I am hearing S1 & S2 (and hopefully S3) will find a new home, the question is where.”

“The crew really killed it this season. @blakemcclure crushed as DP. The set design/wardrobe/everything. It was truly impressive & worth watching. I am eager to find a new platform for these episodes,” he continued. “We appreciate all the online support. We love making the show and hope to continue to. It’s a crazy business & that’s partly what’s so addictive about it.”

While viewers will have to wait and see where Minx might land, Johnson’s reaction to the cancellation is much more optimistic than fans could hope for. Stay tuned for updates on the possibility of Minx‘s future on another streaming or TV home, and let us know your thoughts about Johnson’s message to fans in the comments section, below.