Can ‘The Holiday Stocking’ Mend Sisterly Strife… With Some Heavenly Magic? (VIDEO)

Christmas is all about magic and miracles, so the timing is just right for a miracle between two estranged sisters in Hallmark Movies and Mysteries‘ first holiday movie for their Mahogany brand, The Holiday Stocking.

When viewers meet single Dani (Nadine Ellis) and married mom Marlow (Tamala Jones), they learn the two have drifted apart due to a series of personal tragedies through the years. “We basically have found that there’s been a rift in our relationship since we lost our mother and it really has not come back together,” Ellis tells TV Insider.

Adds Jones, “Marlow holds some resentment towards [Dani] because of how things were when the mother was still here. And then afterwards, Marlow feels that Dani had more important things to do other than family things.”

In a divine twist, the sisters’ recently-deceased older brother Robert (Mykelti Williamson) holds the reconciliation key that could help heal their relationship and bring them back together. In order to receive his angel wings, Robert must reunite Dani and Marlow — but there’s another twist! He’s not allowed to reveal his mission or appear as himself. So he transforms into charismatic stranger R.J. (B.J. Britt), who has only 12 days to reunite the sisters.

There’s some initial mistrust between the sisters and this handsome stranger, but time — and a callback to their childhood — helps things move along. “The tradition of the holiday stocking was that there were riddles to solve,” Ellis explains of a forgotten piece from the family’s past that sets things in motion. “The message is giving back. That’s what our parents were teaching us.”

Watch the full interview with Jones, Ellis, and Britt above.

The Holiday Stocking, Movie Premiere, Saturday, December 3, 8/7c, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries