Steve Harvey Shares Throwback Photos, Talks Being Homeless

Steve Harvey Show
Columbia Pictures Television/courtesy Everett Collection

Steve Harvey has had a rollercoaster journey throughout his life and career and is now inspiring others by sharing how he persisted through hard times to find success.

Taking to Twitter on Monday, November 7, the long-serving Family Feud host and comedian tweeted, “I didn’t get into comedy until I was 27. I was homeless from 30 to 33. I lived in a car for three years. Don’t give up on your dreams.”

In 2020, Harvey revealed in an interview with People that after his first divorce, he lived out of his car and made $50 a week while he pursued comedy. He struggled to make ends meet for three years before eventually landing a gig as host of Showtime at the Apollo, which soon led to The Steve Harvey Show.

“I’m telling you, you have a great life in front of you, you just have to go see what it is but you got to understand the real deal: God’s plan for you is always better than your plan,” Harvey continued in a series of tweets.

“Your plan is off—is always slightly off—and until I realized that He started giving me everything he wanted me to have… That’s what flipped it for me; that’s how I finally met the right woman and got on the right track, and I quit doing a lot of stuff I was doing.”

He then shared a throwback photo from the set of The Steve Harvey Show, the sitcom that aired on The WB from August 25, 1996, to February 17, 2002. “I was almost 40 when I got my big break on The Steve Harvey Show in 1996,” he captioned the image. “Don’t give up on your dreams.”

The Miss Universe host also brought up how his first sitcom, Me and The Boys, was abruptly axed in the early 1990s. “My first sitcom Me And The Boys was a Top 20 hit that was cancelled in the early 90’s. I didn’t give up,” he wrote alongside a Jet magazine cover from 1994. “I’m telling you this because now is not the time to give up on your dreams. Keep going.”

In addition to his job hosting Family Feud and its celebrity spinoff, earlier this year, Harvey began hosting the arbitration-based court comedy Judge Steve Harvey on ABC.

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