Gary Cole Returns as ‘Office Space’s Bill Lumburgh in Black Friday Ad (VIDEO)

The retail giant Walmart has revived the 1999 Mike Judge comedy classic Office Space in a series of commercials to get shoppers into the holiday and buying spirit.

The company is bringing back the movie with a new advertising campaign featuring NCIS star Gary Cole, who played corporate manager Bill Lumbergh, as well as Aja Naidu, who played tech worker Samir Nagheenanajar. The ad also stars Michael Bolton.

Fans of the movie may recall that David Herman portrayed an office worker by the name of Michael Bolton in the film, and he made some disparaging remarks about the Grammy-winning singer. In a Reddit AMA when Bolton was asked about the insults he received in the movie he replied, “It’s a funny film. I sign a lot of the DVDs for fans. I’m glad I’m secure enough in writing, producing, and Grammys because that’s one of the things people want to do. I sign them ‘the real Michael Bolton.’ Hoping they would do an Office Space 2 and have me in it.”

Walmart is using the phrase “a case of the Mondays” to reinvent the idea of how a lot of office workers view Mondays. “A case of the Mondays” will also highlight the fact they will be rolling out a new slew of special prices on items at the beginning of each week, in an attempt to expand upon Black Friday holiday shopping.

According to Variety, the Office Space ads will surface in episodic fashion each Monday in November, and also appear on broadcast TV and in ads in movie theaters.

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