‘Chicago P.D.’ Adds ‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White as Chief O’Neal’s Son

Jefferson White in 'Chicago P.D.'

If you’ve been counting the days to Yellowstone‘s return and happen to watch Chicago P.D., you’re in luck: You’ll be seeing one of the Paramount Network drama’s stars on there.

Jefferson White has been cast as Police Chief O’Neal’s (Michael Gaston) son, Sean, in a recurring role, and his first episode, which airs on October 19 will see him working with Intelligence in a case involving a human trafficking ring. “He’s got access to communities that don’t necessarily trust the CPD because of the history and tension,” White explained to TVLine. Sean’s relationship with his father is much better after he fought his addiction and now helps others who are dealing with what he did.

White’s first episode will see him paired mostly with Detective Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos), and he says they’re “kindred spirits,” noting that “he offers to be an outlet and a resource” as she continues to deal with her husband Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) leaving to work overseas.

Showrunner Gwen Sigan did previously tell TV Insider that Jay’s exit “puts [Upton] in some very emotional and interesting scenarios as the season continues on. She’s left in this, I would say, almost a vacuum, this emptiness of how do you move on? What the hell does that look like? In so many ways, he’s the love of her life, they’re partners at the job. They almost can always think and know what the other person is thinking. And so to suddenly have that be gone and for Upton who perhaps is not very well-versed in how to deal with her emotions in always a healthy way — she’s someone that tends to go towards avoidance — it’s going to all hit a head and come to a point where we’ll see it and we’ll see it come out on the job and in cases how she deals with being alone.”

And speaking about Chief O’Neal, Sigan teased, “we will learn a lot more about [him]. We’ll learn about his family. We’ll learn about where he comes from and how that differs from Voight [Jason Beghe] and how’s that the same from Voight. Their relationship evolves quite a lot in the front end of the season, and it’s been really fun to write.”

Meanwhile, on Yellowstone, White’s Jimmy was last seen leaving the Dutton ranch behind to return to Texas — with John (Kevin Costner) giving him his blessing to choose for himself — but he’s part of the Season 5 cast, suggesting something will bring him back.

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