‘Ghost Brothers: Lights Out’ Stars on Ticking Off ‘Paranormal Bucket List’ in New Season (VIDEO)

Ghost Brothers: Lights Out is finally back for Season 2 at Discovery+, and we got stars Marcus Harvey, Juwan Mass, and Dalen Spratt in the TV Insider and TV Guide Magazine New York Comic Con 2022 studio to dish on the new episodes. They say the season was dedicated to ticking off every haunted locale on their “paranormal bucket list.”

The trio has been working together for years, and as seen in the Ghost Brothers Comic Con video interview, above, their chemistry is as strong as ever. Heading into the new, “wild” episodes, streaming now with ones dropping Fridays, Mass says, “We go to all the iconic haunted spots. All the things that people said are the scariest, we go to. Bobby Mackey’s [haunted nightclub], we go to Waverly Hills [Sanatorium], we go to Ohio State Reformatory, The Conjuring house.” Quite the list of ghostly haunts, indeed.

“We’ve had some of the craziest moments that we’ve ever had,” says Harvey of the visits, adding they “literally saw the Devil’s profile picture” at Bobby Mackey’s. “I had to really question my own decision making on even being a part of this show at one point.”

We wanted to get to know the longtime pals a little bit more, so we had them answer some questions about what they’re like while filming. They spill the tea on things like who’s the biggest scaredy cat and who’s most likely to want to sleep in a haunted house. And after years of doing just that, they say they’ve had their fill.

“We have standards” for sleeping now, Spratt jokes, with Harvey adding, “Our thread count needs to be specific.” Jokes Mass, “That sleeping bag needs to be 100 percent down.”

“We learned our lesson from Haunted House Guests,” Spratt continues. “Going to people’s homes that are haunted, spending the night there. Everybody clean ain’t clean!”

“You can’t trust everybody’s couch,” Mass pipes in.

Learn more about this hilarious trio and their ghoulish adventures in the full video interview, above.

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