Is the New ‘Jeopardy!’ EP Making Too Many Changes? (POLL)

Jeopardy!, Inc.

Jeopardy! is back, and Season 39 is well underway. But America’s favorite quiz show has a few changes as it adjusts to fit a new era post-Alex Trebek.

While announcing former champion Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik as the full-time hosts of the game show, executive producer Michael Davies has implemented even more changes behind the scenes. Along with introducing the Second Chance Tournament, which will allow strong players to compete for a spot in the Tournament of Champions, there’s also been talk about changing game rules.

Jeopardy Michael Davies and Sarah Whitcomb

Michael Davies and Sarah Whitcomb (Credit: Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Davies, who helms the Inside Jeopardy! podcast gets candid about ideas that the team is toying around with. And a recent concept that came up included a rule change offering cash bonuses to players who answer an entire column of clues under one topic.

The Tournament of Champions is also changing things up by allowing Matt Amodio, Amy Schneider, and Mattea Roach to advance directly to the semi-finals, bypassing their competitors without having to play the early rounds. The trio was among the top winners in Season 38, but that was never a reason for advancement in the Tournament of Champions before.

While change comes with time, especially considering the show has been on for decades, we can’t help but wonder, are too many updates taking place in a game that so many have come to love? Let us know your thoughts on the changes being made in the reader poll below, and sound off in the comments section.

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