Cornered: Why ‘Quantum Leap’ Star Raymond Lee Values Integrity (VIDEO)

Fall TV is officially here, and with it come new shows with stars we can’t wait to get to know. We recently took the opportunity to find out a little bit more about Raymond Lee, who’s leading the new Quantum Leap (premiering September 19 on NBC). In the sequel series, Lee’s quantum physicist Ben Song is the one “leaping” inside people at different points in time.

But what would Lee be doing if he wasn’t acting? “I would probably be trying to tape up someone’s foot on some sort of professional sports team,” he shares. “I studied kinesiology for a little bit and to me it’s fascinating how the human body works, especially sports science.”

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Show will include character tie-ins to original Scott Bakula series, plus lots of Easter eggs!

For the actor, integrity is key — in others (“if there’s a person of good character, good moral compass, I’m impressed”) as well as in himself (“just to know that I’m being a good person and thoughtful”).

While people are soon going to be tuning in to see him on TV, he loves watching Succession. Like many others, “I’m waiting for it to come back,” he says.

And when it comes to staying at home or going to a party, he chooses the former — and for a good reason! “My kids are there,” he explains.

See Lee’s full “Cornered” interview above for more, including to find out how he relaxes, his most worn piece of clothing, and his favorite thing to eat.

Quantum Leap, Series Premiere, Monday, September 19, 10/9c, NBC