‘HSMTMTS’ Sneak Peek: Gina & Ricky Take a Detour Through the Woods (VIDEO)

Things get a little spooky in the upcoming episode of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series when Gina (Sofia Wylie) and Ricky (Joshua Bassett) take an adventure through the woods together.

According to the duo, in the exclusive clip above, they’re in search of a shrine and will be channeling characters from their upcoming production of Frozen during the hunt. As the friends pace through the darkened paths, he remarks, “It’s quiet.”

HSMTMTS Sofia Wylie and Joshua Bassett

(Credit: Disney+)

“Yeah, maybe a little too quiet,” she echoes, raising concern. When he sarcastically questions if she’s scared, Gina responds, “Oh, you wish.” What happens next may raise intrigue among fans who enjoy the idea of something more than just friendship between Gina and Ricky.

“Honestly, yeah,” he admits to her about wishing she was scared. “It would make me feel a little less like a baby.” He then says, “Check this, out, heart’s racing.” While doing this, he grabs her hand and places it over his chest.

Could sparks fly between the two? While there seems to be some tension in the air, Gina brushes off the gesture, teasingly calling Ricky a “chicken.” She then goes on to add, “As the leading lady, I would be more than happy to lead you through the woods.”

Will Ricky and Gina lean into their roles in more ways than one? Check out the exclusive clip above and tune in for an all-new High School Musical: The Musical: The Series on August 10 to find out.

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