‘Rutherford Falls’ Team Teases Everyone’s ‘Trying to Carve Out Their Own Legacy’ in Season 2

Rutherford Falls - Season 2 - Jana Schmieding and Ed Helms
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Get ready to return to Rutherford Falls as Season 2 of the Peacock original comedy kicks off on Thursday, June 16.

Back again for new adventures are besties Nathan (Ed Helms) and Reagan (Jana Schmieding) who are tackling big challenges as they enter new stages in their lives. Whether it’s work or romance, there’s no shortage of hilarious drama at hand, and in the mix are Tribal Casino C.E.O. Terry Thomas (Michael Greyeyes) and Nathan’s studious assistant Bobbie (Jesse Leigh).

Rutherford Falls Season 2 Ed Helms

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“All of the characters at the end of Season 1 went through giant changes. Some of them were huge successes for Reagan and Terry,” points out series co-creator Sierra Teller Ornelas. “Some of them were their entire legacies being blown up, which is Nathan,” she adds. For those who may have forgotten, Reagan made a breakthrough on her Minishonka Cultural Center, and Terry had big plans in mind for the future of the town.

Meanwhile, Nathan discovered that he wasn’t his father’s son, meaning his identity as a Rutherford was now uncertain, leading to a personal crisis. “In Season 2, every character on our show is trying to carve out their own legacy and figure out how to navigate these very challenging times that we’ve created for them, in hopefully the funniest way possible,” Ornelas continues.

Rutherford Falls Season 2 Jana Schmieding

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For Nathan, that means focusing on self-growth that will be put to the test when he returns to Rutherford Falls. How and when he gets there will remain to be seen by viewers when they tune into the show on Peacock. “He drifts for a little while and then makes his way back,” Helms cryptically teases. “And a little bit of a spoiler: not everyone knows that he is back in Rutherford Falls, even after he has returned,” the actor says of his character Nathan. “He’s still not quite ready to face the town. And that’s a very fun reveal.”

As for his closest friend, Reagan, “She’s stepping into her power and taking on some leadership in her life and with the cultural center,” Schmieding shares. “And of course, that comes with some pitfalls and stress — girl boss vibes,” she adds with a laugh.

Rutherford Falls Season 2 Michael Greyeyes

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And while Reagan may be going through some stressful moments, it isn’t all bad as the actress teases here character is “experiencing new romance this season. And she has to hire a curator. So, there are a lot of plates that she’s spinning. And we get to see how this new position in the community impacts her personal life.”

Reagan may experience some bumps along the Season 2 road, but in comparison to her sometimes-colleague Terry Thomas, she’s doing fairly well. “He runs into obstacles, significant ones,” Michael Greyeyes says of the usually calm and collected Terry. “And like all of us, as we face obstacles in our own lives, there’s a reckoning. We have to realize what is truly important to us.”

Realizing what’s important is a journey that each of the characters takes in Season 2 and viewers will get to follow along for every hilarious and heartwarming moment. Don’t miss it when Rutherford Falls returns on Peacock this summer.

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