‘Deadliest Catch’: Sig Hansen Takes Big Gamble in First Look (VIDEO)

It’s a race against the clock for Captain Sig Hansen in the upcoming episode of Deadliest Catch as he attempts to find crab in Norway.

In an exclusive clip from the May 24th installment, the veteran crabber is taking a gamble in hopes of finishing his tasks as soon as possible to return home for the birth of his granddaughter. Dropping anchor in the northernmost reaches of Norway, Sig and his team are searching for Red King Crab.

Deadliest Catch Season 18 Discovery

(Credit: Discovery)

The crabs offer the captain a temptingly lucrative business, but it’s a risky one too because catching the invasive species is an unpredictable endeavor. In the clip, above, Sig oversees his crew from the bridge as they pull up traps from the deep. “We’re on the Russian border,” Sig explains to the cameras, “I gotta assume they’re just coming right across the border, that’s my gut feeling right now.”

As the team pulls up the traps, the first cage unearths over 50 Red King Crabs, giving Sig hope for what’s to come with the other traps. Sadly, lightning doesn’t seem to be striking twice for the captain and his crew as the remaining cages remain relatively empty when they’re pulled up from the ocean’s depths.

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Sig’s hope was to replace his lost Alaskan Red King Crab quota by supplementing it with the crabs from Russia, but has he put too much faith in the unpredictable setup? Only time will tell, but the early disappointment on his face when he sees the other cages mostly empty is fairly clear.

Watch the full clip, above, and don’t miss the pivotal episode when Deadliest Catch airs on Discovery and next day on discovery+.

Deadliest Catch, New Episode, Tuesday, May 24, 8 pm ET/PT, Discovery