The ‘Candy’ Cast Introduces the Characters at the Center of a Shocking Crime (VIDEO)

A shocking crime shakes a Texas suburb in Candy, a drama based on true events from 1980. Candy Montgomery (Jessica Biel, nearly unrecognizable in a perky perm and oversized glasses) is a churchgoing perfectionist housewife who has it all: a successful husband, Pat (Timothy Simons), two children, and as she puts it, the best house in the subdivision for parties.

But she falls under police suspicion after a violent attack on her church friend, Betty Gore (Melanie Lynskey) with whose husband Allan (Pablo Schreiber) she’s been having an affair.

“There were a lot of repressed emotions and desires and dreams and regrets and things that both of these women [had],” Biel says. Both have less than passionate marriages. A frustrated Candy reads romance novels in her bubble bath and eventually frankly asks Allan to have an affair which cools after Betty and Allan start attending a marriage encounter group.

The series presents both the women’s viewpoints equally, with the actresses delivering powerhouse performances in their very different roles. Lynskey’s character suffers from postpartum depression, and is a helper who earnestly wants everyone to feel happy and loved. “I really respected how the scripts tried to do a very balanced job in telling the stories,” Lynskey says. “I’ve been a fan of Jess for such a long time. The moments where we got to act together were some of the best of my career.”

Watch the video above for more from the cast.

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