WWE’s Los Lotharios Angel & Humberto on Why You Should Love Them

Los Lotharios

Angel and Humberto come from a rich Lucha family history. They’ll never forget their family roots, but at the same time, they’re looking to carve out their own legacy in WWE. Known collectively on SmackDown as Los Lotharios, the duo found some success in recent months including a victory over The New Day. These “Lethal Lovers” even challenged Ricochet on the eve of WrestleMania

Good looks, charm, and roses don’t exactly win championships—although they did help Angel win over Bachelor alum Demi Burnett on Raw. The cousins know hard work is required to achieve gold and are willing to put in the work. Here, the driven tag team took time from romancing the ladies to chat about their WWE aspirations.

Tell me about the origins of Los Lotharios.

Humberto: I think there was no better choice than to make us a tag team. We’ve known each other since we were kids. We are cousins. We feel so good being in the ring doing the stuff we like to do together. We have good chemistry in the ring. We are good-looking. It feels good, feels natural.

Angel: In terms of the character, I’m used to it. I’ve been playing bad since I was on NXT and then on Raw. [I’m] just changing some different things. I think the one who changed completely was my cousin. We were pitching ourselves as a tag team. They kept telling us, “Yeah, in the future. You got to wait.” At a certain point in the middle of nowhere, they said, “You are a tag team officially. You guys are in shape. You look great.” We’re excited. I think we fit perfectly with this gimmick. At a certain point, you will see The Lotharios at the top. 

So this is something you pitched before?

Angel: It’s not because we didn’t have that opportunity on television. We just want to be the guys working every day. We don’t like to just talk. We don’t want to be sitting waiting for the opportunity. We’ve got to look for it, work for it and do it. At a certain point, there comes the payoff.  

Humberto: They may have had different plans, but we are always pushing ideas just in case we can help them get there. We want to prove ourselves to them. 

Angel: We can work any style. We can work as a tag team or singles or a group. I think WWE is just teamwork where we talk to the writers, the producers, and the boss. We are always trying something different. Never stay in the same spot or wait for the opportunity. If you’re just waiting, it will never come. 

Kiss Cam WWE


How did the “Kiss Cam” come about? Are these plants or people you find in the crowd?

Angel: During live events, we do a normal crowd member. Right now, we got to make sure during TV they are safe, especially with COVID. There is even testing. I remember back in the day during Raw, I would do that spot. I was asking for kisses from the ladies. By the beginning of the pandemic, I stopped doing it.

We didn’t realize how big it was that I was still doing it. I would joke that my kisses were the cure for COVID. Right now, those words are killing me. They are like, “Remember these tweets”—I totally messed up. But the “Kiss Cam” was something I brought to the table. What if both of us do some kiss with some ladies? We started working on that. It came out great. We are getting those reactions we want. I think it is going to work even better. 

You both have ladies at home. What do they think of your onscreen characters?

Angel: That’s another topic [Laughs]. 

Humberto: They know we are doing our jobs and having fun. That’s the point of it. 

Angel: As actors doing television, wrestlers do our thing too. You have to separate between family and business. Business is business. Family is family. We don’t play the gimmick at home. We stay focused on family then. Then when we are in the building, we focus on the gimmick. 

You’re telling me you don’t bring roses at home?

Angel: I mean that is part of the gimmick too [Laughs]. I just try to be a gentleman at home. Maybe wash the dishes. 



There is such a rich tradition with Latin wrestlers and family. I think of the Guerreros and even now the Mysterios. What does it mean for you to be part of that history?

Humberto: It’s exciting. The Guerreros built their path by themselves and together. Los Mysterios are doing the same. We’re building our paths separate and now together. We’re going to keep doing this for as long as possible. When you work as a team, it feels better. 

Angel: It’s about grabbing the torch. I think Latin representation has been great on WWE TV. You mention The Mysterios. Now we also have Legado de Fantasma on NXT. We are in a good position now. We have to just keep it on track. I know what you guys are waiting for. That big group of Latinos. We are working on it. By a certain point, we will get it. 

Maybe we’ll see a new LWO (Latino World Order)?

Angel: I don’t know if I like second parts of things because they always compare you. When I first made my debut, it was here comes the next Eddie [Guerrero]. There is Santos Escobar and the same thing. Stop comparing the characters and enjoy who we are. Comparing characters is fun, but Eddie was Eddie. Nobody is going to be like Eddie. I’m the first Angel. He is the first Humberto. Everyone is unique. It’s a matter of doing our thing and building our path. I feel one day people will come into the company, and they’ll say, “Here is the next Humberto. Here is the next Angel.” 

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