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Birth Date: February 21, 1995

Age: 29 years old

Demi Burnett is an American reality TV show star who, along with her girlfriend Kristian Haggerty, made history in August 2019 for becoming the first same sex couple to get engaged on "The Bachelor" franchise.

A native of rural Texas, Burnett was an interior designer living and working in the Lone Star state when she applied to be on the dating contestant show "The Bachelor" (ABC, 2002- ) in 2018. Burnett was selected as one of over two-dozen women who were to appear on the reality show in hopes of winning the heart of former pro football player Colton Underwood. Burnett was beloved by the show's loyal watchers, and even made it to the 10th spot. However, Burnett was ultimately not selected by Underwood and was subsequently eliminated from the show after the sixth week. Luckily for Burnett, her time as a reality show contestant would not soon be over. After leaving "The Bachelor," Burnett was selected to appear on the spin-off dating series "Bachelor in Paradise" (ABC, 2014- ). The premise of "Bachelor in Paradise" is a little bit different. The show features former contestants of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" (ABC, 2003- ) and then isolates them in some exotic location in the hope that new romances will form.

Prior to joining the cast of the sixth season of "Bachelor in Paradise," Burnett had secretly been dating the L.A. actress, model and film production crewmember Kristian Haggerty. Burnett started falling hard for Haggerty, and midway through the season she brought Haggerty onto the set of the show to reveal that the two were dating. Of the course of the next few weeks the two women's relationship developed naturally on screen, and by the season final Haggerty shocked audience members by proposing to Burnett live on national television. Burnett accepted the proposal, and the two women subsequently made history as the first time a same sex couple to become engaged on any one of "The Bachelor" franchise shows.

Shortly after accepting Haggerty's proposal, Burnett relocated to Los Angeles so the two could be closer together while they plan their wedding.

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