ABC News to Profile Patrick Swayze in Its ‘Superstar’ Series (VIDEO)

“People are saying you’re God’s gift, you’re this or that, and you walk on water, and you don’t feel that. You just feel like a person that’s got just as much pain and confusion and problems going on as anyone else.”

A new episode of ABC News’ Superstar series will profile Patrick Swayze and chronicle the beloved actor’s rise to fame, TV Insider has learned exclusively. It will air Thursday, April 14, at 10/9c on ABC and be available to stream the next day on Hulu. Watch the trailer above for a look at the special, including some of the comments from his costars.

Superstar: Patrick Swayze tells the heartthrob’s life story, from his upbringing around his mother’s ballet company and her fight against segregation to the high school football injury that set him on his path to stardom. It also includes his leading roles in Dirty DancingGhostRoadhouse, and Point Break.

Through interviews with co-stars and friends who open up about Swayze for the first time publicly, as well as footage from the ABC News archives, the program provides new insight into his courageous spirit, his many talents, and the cancer diagnosis that tragically ended his life when he was 57. The episode features interviews with co-stars Demi Moore, Tony Goldwyn, Liam Neeson, Lea Thompson, and C. Thomas Howell, as well as family friends Debbie Allen and Jaclyn Smith.

Superstar is produced by ABC News. David Sloan is senior executive producer. Muriel Pearson is executive producer.

Superstar: Patrick Swayze, Premiere, Thursday, April 14, 10/9c, ABC (Streaming, Friday, April 15, Hulu)