‘Just One Kiss’: Krysta Rodriguez on Major Musical Change for Her Character (VIDEO)

“That’s why it’s a real New York story. Skeptic from the start,” Krysta Rodriguez says of her new Hallmark Channel romantic comedy.

In Just One Kiss (premiering April 2), Rodriguez plays Mia, a college literature professor who is a single mom going through a divorce when she meets bachelor Tony (Santino Fontana), a popular headliner in a Manhattan supper club. She read the script, and “I just was smiling the whole time. I really enjoyed myself,” Rodriguez tells TV Insider. “I thought that this woman that they had created had real stakes. It didn’t feel forced, and I really liked that she was living a life that was sort of in flux and she had to kind of find her way through that life.”

Furthermore, with two Broadway stars as the leads, it’s no surprise that there’s singing for both of them — but that wasn’t originally the plan. “There were actually many references in the movie where I was supposed to be tone deaf, and I was actually thrilled,” Rodriguez shares. “I was like, ‘great, don’t make me sing.'” That (obviously) changed.

As for the romance at the heart of the movie, “it’s a bit of opposites attract,” according to the star. “Mia’s in a position where she doesn’t have to sugarcoat her life and Tony is overcompensating.”

Watch the video interview above for more from Rodriguez about Mia and Tony and working with Fontana.

Just One Kiss, Movie Premiere, Saturday, April 2, 9/8c, Hallmark Channel