‘Gaslit’: First Look at Patton Oswalt & More in Starz’s Upcoming Series (PHOTOS)

Gaslit Patton Oswalt Starz

Gaslit arrives in less than a month on Starz and the modern take on the Watergate scandal has more than a few familiar faces.

Starring Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, and a bevy of other talented performers, we’re offering viewers their first look at the characters playing alongside them. While Roberts and Penn embody Martha and Richard Nixon’s Attorney General John Mitchell, there are plenty of others around them that make their story whole.

Above, Patton Oswalt steps into the shoes of Nixon’s close adviser Chuck Colson who serves as Special Counsel to the President and played a role in the Watergate coverup. Meanwhile, below, Heels star Chris Bauer portrays James McCord, a former CIA operative who serves as the head of security for John and Martha Mitchell’s team.

Gaslit Season 1 Chris Bauer and Brian Geraghty

(Credit: Starz)

McCord becomes one of the Watergate burglars and forms a connection with Martha who recognizes him after he’s been arrested. Also on the Mitchells’ team is security guard Peter, played by Brian Geraghty. Peter is hired by John to protect the family and plays a direct role in a traumatizing experience that changes Martha’s life.

Rounding out the first-look photos, below, are Chris Conner, Adam Ray, and Nat Faxon who all play a role in Nixon’s administration. Conner portrays Nixon’s right-hand man John Ehrlichman, who along with Bob Haldeman (Faxon), serves as the “Berlin Wall” protecting the President from accountability.

Gaslit, Chris Conner, Adam Ray, Nat Faxon

(Credit: Starz)

Meanwhile, Ray plays Nixon’s White House Press Secretary, Ron Ziegler, who is tasked with fielding questions about Martha and the Watergate scandal. And as Nixon’s White House Chief of Staff, Faxon’s Bob Haldeman serves to protect the President from any harm.

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Julia Roberts stars opposite Sean Penn as outspoken socialite Martha Mitchell.

Gaslit is based on the first season of the podcast, Slow Burn. It was created and executive produced by Robbie Pickering who serves as showrunner on the Starz project. The series is also executive produced by Matt Ross, Sam Esmail, Chad Hamilton, Gabriel Roth, and Josh Levin. Meanwhile, Lisa Gillan and Yeres Gill serve as co-executive producers.

Catch Gaslit when it arrives on Starz next month.

Gaslit, Series Premiere, Sunday, April 24, 8/7c, Starz