‘Batwoman’ Boss Breaks Down That Finale & Possible ‘World Change’ to Come

Batwoman + Javicia Leslie
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Batwoman Season 3 Finale, “We Having Fun Yet?”.]

While the Dark Knight may be rising back in the box office this week, it was Batwoman who saved the day in March 2’s fantastically designed Season 3 finale, “We Having Fun Yet?” The hour brought the slow-burn, Joker-inspired arc to an explosive close as Ryan (Javicia Leslie) battled her own brother Marquis Jet (Nick Creegan) before he could acid-wash the entire city.

Batwoman - Nick Creegan

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Before that blimp-set showdown, the Bat Team worked together like never before and we loved it. Sophie (Meagan Tandy) and Mary (Nicole Kang) regained access to the Batcave to snag a certain umbrella that could help their cause, Luke (Camrus Johnson) sacrificed the last link to his father for the greater good and Alice (Rachel Skarsten), of all people, came through with a suitably unhinged plan to slip Ryan the Joker’s joy buzzer in order to zap her brother out of the villain’s mind control. Even Jada (Robin Givens) lent a hand and let’s be honest: Ryan’s mom is a damn boss. That tech she brought in was enough to have Luke licking his chops!

So now that it’s all over and #Wildmoore is planning their first official date, what’s next? Well, aside from a fandom Twitter campaign to get a Season 4 renewal—tick, tock, CW!—there could be another baddie lumbering his way to Gotham. The final seconds gave us a tease of that, so of course we had to ask showrunner Caroline Dries for more. Here, she looks back on the show’s best season to date and offers an idea of what may await the Bat Team.

OK, so one of my favorite things this year has been watching the Batwoman fandom grow and get louder and really embrace the show.

Oh, thank you. I know, it’s been so exciting. I just love that they’re so along for the ride and just so enthusiastic about it. It makes it so fun to write the show.

And it seems like you are all having a blast because the ride has been so fun this year. You got to play with as much, if not more, Bat-canon than Gotham did.

I know! It kind of originated from this idea at the start of the season that “Maybe we can do a freak of the week kind of vibe.” You know, draw on my Smallville roots this season and bring in more characters that will make DC comfortable. Because they’re very territorial about how we use certain people, but if we’re using permutations of that character, they’re all for it.

And then on top of all that, you give us this great family story, build the team, bring them together. You get Wildmoore in there—which, thank God you did not tease them too long about that! And it really did feel like while you were building Ryan’s biological family, her found family really solidified.

Thank you. Yeah. That storyline wouldn’t have worked in Season 2 and we knew it. So we were glad that the audience jumped in with us last season with Ryan and stuck it out to see this. It was like, now that she’s taken on the mantle and is really comfortable wearing the boots, the cape and the cowl, let’s see what her personal life is like.

Batwoman - Camrus Johnson

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And you paced it out so well, the build-up to Sophie and Ryan getting together. You allowed us to see how Sophie fell for her.

That’s my favorite kind of love-story trope—and I didn’t know if there was a name for it until last year—that “enemies to lovers.” I love it when there’s that friction between the characters, because it’s so obviously deeper than just two people who don’t like each other. I mean, if you spend all your energy not liking somebody, clearly you’re invested in them. [Laughs]

Exactly. And then, you were also able to give Mary so much with her Poison Ivy turn. Same with Luke and his dad’s helmet. I cannot say enough about how you were able to take the whole team and really give them stories that would work as their own standalone shows.

Thank you. Yeah. And that’s all rooted in Season 1. We just cast really awesome ensemble characters and they now can stand on their own. If we had more than 41 minutes and 30 seconds per episode to tell these stories, they would have even more standalone episodes.

Batwoman -Nicole Kang + Meagan Tandy + Camrus Johnson + Robin Givens

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Now they’re seeping into the comic books!

Yes. That is very cool. Sometimes, you’re so deep into the material and just the day-to-day work of show-running that you’re not really appreciating all of these things until you have a moment to be like, “OK, we did the finale and…oh! All that other cool stuff is happening.” [Laughs]

In screening the finale, I was more convinced than ever that you need to lock down Robin Givens with a series regular contract.

Um, that is my hope! [Laughs] Yes. She’s just brought so much gravitas to the show, in my opinion. And not only is she a cool person, but she adds so much to Ryan’s story. And that story obviously is far from over. I mean, they’re just getting to know each other.

Batwoman - Javicia Leslie + Robin GIvens

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Good. I appreciated that the episode didn’t end with her saying she needed to leave town or take Marquis away. I want her in Gotham! And Robin clearly committed to this, she was clearly enjoying the role.

She really was, yeah. When you work with a famous actor, you never know what you’re gonna get. And I was just like, oh, she’s taking this seriously, this is not just like a side gig for her. She is doing it and I really love working with her.

Regardless of where the story goes next season, I need at least a Halloween episode where she dresses as Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman.

OK. I’ll write that down. That’d be awesome. [Laughs]

I mean, nobody else could pull that look off like Robin Givens. Now, the tease at the end of the episode…I’m reading that as Solomon Grundy.

Um, interesting. It’s a little…I’m not really going to commit to what it is at this moment, because I have a couple ideas in my head and it’s interesting that you said that. It could be one of several things, so I’m glad the audience will be guessing.

Batwoman - Rachel Skarsten

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The finale also gave Alice all these lines where she keeps mentioning riddles. Are you priming the pump for that arrival?

We’ve kind of hinted in a couple episodes that the Riddler is in Arkham. We’ve just never full-on said it.

Ahhh, OK. And have you started mapping out what the next season would look like?

Um, yes. Conceptually, if we’re granted another season. So it’s one of those things where, emotionally, I don’t want to pour my heart and soul into breaking a whole season in my bedroom and then all of a sudden they’re like, “Ooooh,  you’re not coming back,” right? But I know conceptually what I wanna do and how I want it to feel. It’s something we haven’t seen yet and a big sort of world change [for the characters]. We’ll see.


The finale, should it be the last episode of the series, does give us a very nice way to end it with our team.

Yes. That was definitely intentional. I wanted it to feel like we have all gone through this tragic thing together, but we’re happy and we’re united and there always is gonna be the problem tomorrow, but for now, we’re a team.

And the promise of at least a dinner date.

Yes. For sure. Which we definitely deserve to see!