‘Raising Dion’ Season 2: Is There Romance for Nicole & Dion’s Trainer? (VIDEO)

When Season 2 of Netflix’s sci-fi series Raising Dion (based on the comic book of the same name by Dennis Liu) begins, two years have passed since the young superhero in training (Ja’Siah Young) defeated the Crooked Man (Jason Ritter). But when his loving mother Nicole (Alisha Wainwright) says everything is normal, should we believe her? I mean, does she even believe that?

“I think human beings, they adapt to new normals all the time,” explains Wainwright. “I think if you constantly feel like your life is in chaos, you can’t settle down and move forward, so, yeah, I think to a degree she’s like ‘This is my new normal!'”

Dion, however, is still a kid with superhero powers that need to be trained and explored. So enter new character Tevin (With Love‘s Rome Flynn), a Biona trainer brought in to help Dion get a handle on his capabilities. Asked what kind of teacher Tevin is, Flynn says, “He doesn’t really force his perspective onto Dion unless he really asks for it.”

Of course, there seem to be some sparks that ignite when Nicole and Tevin meet (over a mishap with a coffee machine spraying in their direction). Will a romance develop? “It’s very in line with Nicole’s character to not immediately jump on board with anything,” says Wainwright. The fact that Tevin has powers isn’t necessarily something that excites Nicole, at first anyway. But she does see a benefit to him being the one to work with Dion: “Once she meets [Tevin] and gets to understand the way he works and also the way Dion responds to him plays a huge factor.”

Raising Dion, Alisha Wainwright


Don’t expect normal to truly happen since the recent trailer revealed more danger ahead for Dion and Nicole — the Crooked Man isn’t as gone as they might think.

And for fans of Ritter, he returns as Pat, the best friend of Dion’s deceased father, Mark (Michael B. Jordan, who we can only hope might appear in Season 2).

For more, watch the interview above with Wainwright and Flynn.

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