Alicia Witt Opens Up About Tragic Death Of Her Parents

Alicia Witt attends the screening of Marriage Story
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Alicia Witt has spoken publicly for the first time following the tragic death of her parents, who were both found dead in their Massachusetts home in December.

The Orange Is The New Black, Justified and Friday Night Lights actress shared a statement on her social media pages on Tuesday, noting that “It still doesn’t feel real.” She went on to explain what she went through on the day, writing, “It’s been a month since I got scared, not having heard back from them, and called to have them checked on.”

She continued: “Waiting, phone in hand, praying fervently that the next call would be from them, angry I’d gotten someone else involved. Knowing as soon as I heard the detective’s voice on the other line that they were gone. Knowing I would never hear their voices again. Beginning the rest of my life of finding them on the breeze, in a song, in a dream.”


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Witt’s parents were found dead a few days before Christmas. A cause of death has yet to be revealed. The Telegram & Gazette reported that authorities at the scene found no evidence of trauma or noxious gases and that “freezing temperatures, a malfunctioning furnace, a temporary space heater and a home in need of repairs” could have been potential causes.

“I hadn’t been allowed inside my parents’ home for well over a decade; every time I offered to have something repaired for them, they refused to allow workers into their house,” Witt said. “I begged, cried, tried to reason with them, tried to convince them to let me help them move – but every time, they became furious with me… It was not for a lack of trying on my part, or the part of other people who loved them.”

Witt described her parents as a “united, intertwined, indivisible force, determined to do things their own way” and said that “battling them the way I would have had to in order to do this truly felt like it would have destroyed them.”

“I had no idea that their heat had gone out,” the Twin Peaks and Nashville star added. “I will never understand how or why they made the choice not to tell me this, not to let me help them with this. My heart is broken… Our last words to each other were ‘I love you.’ That part was simple; never in doubt. They loved me so. I loved them so.”