‘Joe Millionaire’: Meet the Leading Men of ‘For Richer or Poorer’

'Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer,' Fox, Steven McBee, Kurt Sower
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Almost 20 years since the show’s original run on Fox, Joe Millionaire is back to once again ask the question, “Is the temptation of wealth stronger than the power of true love?”

Putting a twist on the original series, two men will search for “the one” among a pool of 20 women, only the women don’t know which one is the millionaire and which one is the “average Joe.” At the center of the show are bachelors Steven McBee and Kurt Sowers, each successful in their respective careers and each looking for a true romantic connection.

Ahead of tonight’s season premiere, get to know the leading men of Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer below. Who is the real millionaire? Viewers will have to tune in to see, but scroll down to the comments to share your best guess!

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Which suitors are seeking true love and which are looking for money?

Steven McBee

He’s a “Small-Town Boy”


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Described as a “small-town boy” in his Instagram bio, the 27-year-old Kansas City native is quite the outdoorsman, posting several pictures catching fish and spending time in nature with his family and friends. When he’s not with his siblings or hanging out with pals, he’s spending time with his mother, even taking her on a “weekend getaway” to Nashville in January 2021.

He is the CEO & Founder of His Own Farming Company


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Steven is the Founder and President of McBee Farm & Cattle Company in Gallatin, Missouri. “McBee Farms & Cattle Company started out from one central theme that has stuck with us since the day we first started farming – a sincere love for the land, and the responsibility to future generations to leave the ground in better condition than we found it,” he states in a letter on the company’s website.

The company aims to reduce the “environment impact of standard farming techniques” by practicing soil conservation, believing that farming should “no longer be a selfish relationship focused on maximizing the producer’s bottom line only.”

He Prioritizes Relationships

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Growing up in a loving household, Steven went into the show with a strong set of values. “I’m most excited about stripping everything down to just who I am as a person,” he said in a promotional video. “It’s all about the sweet gestures. You really put how they’re doing and how they feel before yourself.”

While focusing on his own relationship journey, dating the same group of women as fellow his fellow “Joe” brought out a bit of his competitive side. “I’m moving into a house with another guy and competing for the same women. It may get a little heated at times.”

Kurt Sowers

He’s a CEO With a Private Life


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While the 32-year-old bachelor is not the most public guy when it comes to talking about his private life, he does enjoy posting pictures with his friends on Instagram, traveling with them on many adventures around the world.

Like Steven, Kurt holds the title of CEO with a construction company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The details of his business ventures and net worth have been kept under wraps, only adding to the mystery of Kurt’s true identity.

He Became Close Friends With Steven While Filming


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Going through the same journey together, it’s no surprise that Kurt and Steven became good friends in real life. “I’m from a big family, I’m used to sharing,” he joked in an interview with Us Weekly when asked about dating the same contestants as Steven. “We kind of made fun of it on the show. We called them cross-pollinators, the women that were interested in both of us. We were interested in them as well. So, it led to some interesting moments, a little bit of heated competition.”

“I think Kurt and I had a really similar perspective in how we viewed the eliminations and who we thought was there for the right reasons and who wasn’t,” said Steven. “It made it a lot easier having Kurt there to bounce those ideas and thoughts off of.”

He Wants a Relationship Full of Laughs


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When it comes to relationships, Kurt will do anything to find “the one” for him. “I’m a born competitor. If I do something, I do it to win,” he stated in a promotional video. Excited to “find love in an unorthodox way,” he describes his perfect relationship as one built around laughter.

“I don’t really ever want to be apart from them. And when I am apart from them, I can’t wait to get back to them,” he said.

Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer, Series Premiere, Thursday, January 6, 8/7c Fox