The ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ Premiere ‘Will Make You Chilly’ — Especially This Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Budget cuts had shuttered Austin’s 126 when we last saw the heroes of this first-responder drama. Season 3 jumps ahead six months, and “the fight [to save the 126] has not gone as well as anyone planned,” says 9-1-1: Lone Star showrunner Tim Minear.

Worse yet, an ice storm is set to paralyze the city. Time for Capt. Owen Strand (Rob Lowe) to lose his new Grizzly Adams beard and help! “We created snowy conditions in California summer heat,” raves Minear, calling the effects on par with 9-1-1’s tsunami. “Watching will make you chilly.”

Take, for instance, the conditions under which the former members of the 126 set out to rescue a missing girl trapped under rubble in TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek. Before beginning the search with fellow firefighters Judd Ryder (Jim Parrack) and Mateo Chavez (Julian Works), Paul Strickland (Brian Michael Smith) promises the girl’s parents, “we’re going to do everything we can.” But things take a dangerous turn when Paul climbs up on some of the rubble during the search.

Watch the clip above for more from the premiere, “The Big Chill.”

9-1-1: Lone Star, Season 3 Premiere, Monday, January 3, 8/7c, Fox