‘True Story’: Kevin Hart on the ‘Fun’ of Blurring Lines Between Kid and Himself

True Story Kevin Hart Netflix
Adam Rose/Netflix

Kevin Hart is taking on a completely new role in familiar packaging with his limited drama series True Story at Netflix.

The show follows his character Kid, a comedian who stops in his hometown of Philadelphia on tour, where he’ll be forced to answer the question of how far he’d go to protect the things he has in life. Along for the quick-paced journey is Kid’s older brother Carlton (Wesley Snipes), who is quick to get him into some trouble.

Fresh off the heels of a successful superhero movie launch, Kid’s on top of the world until Carlton’s reliant behaviors spark a streak of bad choices. Written and executive produced by showrunner Eric Newman (Narcos, Narcos: Mexico), True Story delivers a story that comes to viewers at a break-neck pace sure to leave your heart pumping.

True Story Kevin Hart

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So, what sparked this drama collaboration between a comedian and a crime thriller connoisseur? “Kevin called me out of the blue. He said, ‘I want to do something different. I want to do something darker,'” Newman reveals. “I obviously knew Kevin’s work, but I didn’t know enough about Kevin to have a real point of view about what it should be,” Newman adds.

The writer eventually turned to the performer’s history to determine what direction he’d take True Story. “I did a little research and it didn’t take much to understand the breadth of Kevin’s empire. How ambitious he is, how much he has going on, and also to watch his evolution as an actor,” notes Newman.

“Everything else fell into place because we were excited about the opportunity,” Hart echoes. “I think without that energy and excitement in the beginning, it’s very hard to get to the punctuation at the end. So what you’re looking at is the finished product of something that we’re both extremely proud of and I’ve been waiting a very long time for this day,” the actor thrills.

True Story Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes

(Credit: Adam Rose/Netflix)

As for what separates the performer from his character, there isn’t much. Hart is also a Philly native who also has an older brother, a successful comedian, and a blockbuster star. “I think that’s the fun of the comparison between Kid and Kevin,” Hart remarks on the indiscernible differences between his onscreen counterpart and himself. “It’s how much is pulled for my life versus what’s made up, what’s embellished. And is this something that Kevin went through or is it close to something he went through or is this Kid?”

“At some point, it gets dark,” Hart admits, teasing Kid’s twisted tale that involves covering up secrets and potentially career-ending actions. “Does Kevin have that type of dark quality in him? Is he acting? I think when your viewer has all those questions at the end, it’s a justification of how good the series is and the performance was, so that was the goal at hand.”

And Snipes’ Carlton helps bring that drama to the next level as Kid’s story unfolds. “The biggest piece to the puzzle that we needed to fit was who’s going to be my brother. When Wesley Snipes’ name came up and he said yes, it just got real,” Hart gushes. See how their tale unravels when True Story officially arrives on Netflix.

True Story, Series Premiere, Wednesday, November 24, Netflix