‘Jonas Brothers Family Roast’: 7 of the Funniest Moments From the Netflix Special

Jonas Brothers Family Roast
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Jonas Brothers Family Roast on Netflix.]

When it comes to roasts, no one can do it better than your family and Netflix‘s special Jonas Brothers Family Roast is putting Nick, Joe, and Kevin in the crosshairs.

The hour-long event put the brothers in the spotlight as celebrity friends, wives, and more spent time taking digs at the trio. Hosted by Saturday Night Live‘s Kenan Thompson, the roast featured guests ranging from Pete Davidson to Niall Horan.

Below, we’re breaking down all of the must-see moments of the roast, so beware of spoilers.

Jonas Brothers Family Roast Netflix cast

Priyanka’s Baby Fakeout

During the event, Nick’s wife and actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas took to the stage to roast her hubby and pulled one big fakeout. As she acknowledged that Nick’s brothers are dads now, she teed up a possible pregnancy announcement saying, “Nick and I are expecting… to get drunk tonight and sleep in tomorrow.” Needless to say, Nick’s face looked rather relieved after his wife debunked the faux announcement.

John Legend’s Song

John Legend took time to sing an original tune for his former fellow Voice coach and his brothers during the roast. The song declared the Jonas Brothers as “Not Quite The Beatles.” The moment was all in good fun though as the boys joined Legend in signing along.

Dr. Phil Crashes the Couch

On the sidelines of the stage, Nick, Kevin, and Joe’s wives sat on a single couch together which was crashed by Dr. Phil. Speaking from a place of so-called honest, Dr. Phil takes his time at the microphone to make it clear that the boys clearly married up.

Jonas Brothers Family Roast John Legend

(Credit: Netflix)

Danielle Jonas Pulls a Love, Actually

Unable to speak after losing her voice temporarily, Kevin’s wife Danielle utilized poster boards similar to Andrew Lincoln in the classic holiday film Love, Actually, to roast her husband. Unable to write everything on the posters, Danielle, instead, had host Kenan Thompson read her full roast.

Jack Whitehall’s Ink Tribute

Comedian and Brit Jack Whitehall also roasted the brothers by remembering the days when he was ostracized for his love of their music. Despite the pitfalls of loving the Jonas Brothers in the past though, Whitehall showed off his devotion for the trio with a (temporary) tattoo tribute across his chest.

Joe & Niall Become Spin Instructors

As part of the roast’s previously-taped segments, Joe and pal Niall went undercover as phony spin instructors to roast each other in front of the class. Helping come up with insults, Nick and Kevin were also behind the scenes for the must-see moment.

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Sophie Turner Metaphor

Joe’s wife and Game of Thrones vet Sophie Turner also got time with the mic to roast her hubby and his brothers. During her time in the spotlight, the actress explored some metaphors for Joe’s famous purity ring. Let’s just say, it wasn’t very safe for work.

Check out these moments and more in the Jonas Brothers Family Roast on Netflix, and let us know what your favorite part of the roast was in the comments section, below.

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