‘Harriet the Spy’: Beanie Feldstein Opens Up About Finding Her Voice as the Iconic Character (VIDEO)

Everyone’s favorite kid spy is back for new adventures, this time on streaming, as Apple TV+ brings Harriet the Spy to life in their newly-released animated series.

The first half of Season 1 arrived Friday, November 19 (the second half arrives next year) making way for the latest adaptation of Louise Fitzhugh’s classic character. Voiced by Beanie Feldstein (Impeachment: American Crime Story), the 11-year-old Harriet is immortalized in this series of coming-of-age adventures set in 1960s New York. Outspoken and fiercely independent, Harriet is a force to be reckoned with as teased in the exclusive featurette, above, featuring Feldstein and costar Jane Lynch who voices Harriet’s nanny Old Golly along with the show’s creative team.

Harriet the Spy Apple TV+

(Credit: Apple TV+)

Produced by The Jim Henson Company, Harriet’s tales come to vibrant life in this sweet series and Feldstein is opening up about the importance of taking on this iconic role, her hopes for viewers, and finding her Harriet’s voice.

What do you hope viewers take away from watching Harriet’s adventures?

Beanie Feldstein: I hope the kids who watch this show follow Harriet’s lead and be curious about the world. Particularly now, during this pandemic, kids have had a uniquely challenging year, and I’m honored to give them the gift of Harriet who says “there’s always a way to learn more. There’s always a way to find something to do. There’s always a way to expand yourself, whether that’s running around and spying or even just finding something in your house that you didn’t know existed.”

Harriet the Spy Apple TV+

(Credit: Apple TV+)

What has been the best part of helping bring this iconic character to TV?

I grew up with Harriet, both in the book version and the film version. The film adaptation came out when I was at my prime Harriet age, so I idolized her when I was young. So when this opportunity came into my email, I was so excited. She’s sort of one of my first little heroes. She’s so unapologetically herself, which I really love about Harriet even now as an adult. I find her very inspirational and I was so excited to portray her.

How did you find your Harriet voice for the series?

I’ve loved working with Charlie Adler, who is our voice director. He’s an absolute legend in the voiceover animation community. And so getting to learn from him because I was starting from scratch was an amazing experience. We always have so much fun. We laugh so much. And even though we did it all through Zoom, we just created a little pod of people through the web who got to go on Harriet’s adventures together every week.

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