‘The Blacklist’ Sneak Peek: Could Cooper Have Killed His Wife’s Ex-Lover? (VIDEO)

Ballistics can’t lie…right? That’s a question Harold Cooper (Harry Lennix) may have to wrestle with in the November 18 episode of The Blacklist. TV Insider has an exclusive sneak peek as he continues to try to figure out what happened after he blacked out at the worst time.

“The ballistics match the ones from the homicide report and from my service weapon,” Cooper says. “Honey, it doesn’t mean that you did it,” his wife Charlene (Valerie Pettiford) argues. What it does mean, he points out, is that “the bullet that shot Doug Koster came from my gun.”

Valerie Pettiford as Charlene in The Blacklist


But the man with whom Charlene had an affair is “in our past,” she says. It has, after all, been over eight years. So, “what, one night, you get drunk and you kill him?”

“I went to the precinct,” Cooper admits. “I was going to confess, but I can’t remember what happened.” Watch the clip above for Charlene’s reaction and more about this mystery.

“As we’ve seen over the past eight seasons on The Blacklist, Cooper is a character who is constantly weighing right from wrong. Cooper’s confusion around the predicament he currently finds himself in challenges his moral center, and as we’ll see as this storyline builds across the upcoming episodes, some of his reactionary actions may dig him in deeper and deeper,” Lennix says.

“One of my favorites parts of working on The Blacklist for so many years is the opportunity to draw from previous storylines, and I’m always thrilled when we see more of Cooper’s personal life,” he continues. “Having Valarie back as Charlene has been a thrill as well.”

Also in “Benjamin T. Okara,” Dembe’s (Hisham Tawfiq) position as an FBI agent causes complications for Red (James Spader) as the Task Force handles a case involving military technology. And Cooper’s not the only one whose personal life is getting complicated; Park’s (Laura Sohn) is, too.

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