‘The Bachelorette’: Chris’ Plan to Sabotage Nayte Backfires (RECAP)

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We’re now in Week 5 of Michelle Young‘s journey to find love on ABC‘s The Bachelorette and we have just 11 men left vying for her affection. And this week, things are about to get a lot more serious, because the group is headed to her hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Tonight, we pick up with the one-on-one date which goes to the obvious frontrunner, Joe — and this is extra special because Minneapolis also happens to be his hometown… so is this like a premature hometown date? Sure seems like it.

So, the two head to a Twins baseball game and end up making out, then they visit Michelle’s high school and end up making out… I’m sensing a theme here. But the chemistry is clearly top-notch. Michelle admits that she probably would’ve had a crush on Joe if he went to her high school since he’s tall, plays basketball, and is good-looking. “It feels so good and it feels so right,” she admits, before sharing that Joe is her “teammate” and I’m starting to wonder if she gets commission for every basketball term she says on this show.


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Later that evening, Joe opens up to Michelle about a dark time in his life that’s shaped him into who he is today. He shares that he broke three bones in his leg as a child, which left his foot susceptible to further injuries. Those injuries resulted in multiple surgeries, which affected his ability to play basketball, and soon it took a toll on his mental health. He admits he went through anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. “Ball was life and that life was gone,” he shares through tears. “I always had such high standards and I didn’t feel like I was still there.”

Michelle empathizes with Joe’s experience. “You woke up fighting every day a battle that a lot of people didn’t know about. And you got through it,” she says while breaking down in tears herself. She tells him that she loves seeing “this side of Joe” before offering him the rose.

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Back at the house, the group date card arrives. Casey, Rodney, Martin, Leroy, Rick, Clayton, Olu, Chris, and Brandon are all on the card, which means Nayte is getting the next one-on-one date. The men head to a football stadium to meet Michelle and the vikings — but not the Minnesota Vikings. There actually won’t be any football playing on this football field. Sorry, Clayton. Instead, the men are put through a series of challenges, including strength training, which Chris totally fails at.

We then move on to some other challenges which are a bit questionable. What the heck are they putting in their mouths? Cow brains, tongue, and cheek? BUT WHY? This is not how you figure out who’s husband material, Michelle.


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Clayton ends up being crowned the ultimate viking… and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Later that night, Michelle pulls Clayton aside for a chat and there’s a clear connection there. Maybe we haven’t seen much of it this season, but it’s clear these two have something going on. But in the middle of their smitten chat, Brandon comes in to interrupt and proves that he also has a strong connection with Michelle. So. much. kissing.

While the guys all try to get their time with Michelle, Chris S. keeps plotting his next move. He’s pissed that Nayte was offered the one-on-one date, especially after he warned her about Nayte last week. I mean, how could Michelle possibly make a decision without consulting him?! But Chris doesn’t get to sit down with Michelle tonight, because she decides to hand out the group date rose before ever getting a chance to speak with him. Uh oh… she’s officially poked the bear. Sorry, Chris! At the end of the night, it’s Clayton who ends up nabbing the group date rose.

Nayte gets his one-on-one date card and it reads, “I’m looking for a man who isn’t afraid to test the waters.” But Nayte and Michelle won’t be alone on this date — Michelle’s two friends will be joining the two for a fun day filled with boating and grilling Nayte. The girls immediately ask Nayte if he has “enemies” in the house — how convenient! Perfect opportunity to dish all about the drama with Chris S.! But the friends also saw a deeper side of Nayte too, and most of all, saw his chemistry with Michelle. At the end of the day, Nayte gets the stamp of approval from the friends. Yay.

Later that night, things couldn’t be going better for Michelle and Nayte. But the romance quickly dies when Chris S. shows up unexpectedly. He still can’t wrap his head around why Michelle would choose to spend time with Nayte, and apparently that couldn’t wait until the rose ceremony.

So Chris pulls Michelle aside and basically tells her… he warned her and she didn’t listen to him. And that’s bad… because she should listen to him. But Michelle is not having any of this garbage and immediately calls him out on his BS.

“I do appreciate you wanting to look out for me but at the same time I can speak for myself,” she tells him before sending him home. “I want a man who is going to stand and support me when I speak and not a man who is going to speak for me.”

With Chris out of the way, Michelle returns to Nayte and gives him the rose. They kiss under fireworks as a very confused Chris is seen leaving in the car.

At the cocktail party ahead of the rose ceremony, Martin talks himself into a very awkward corner when he starts opening up about high maintenance women in relationships. He feels it’s “high maintenance” for a woman to expect a man to take care of her. But when Michelle asks him to elaborate on how a man can be high maintenance in a relationship, things only get worse. According to Martin, a woman goes into a relationship looking to be taken care of — and a man doesn’t. Holy misogyny…

Still somehow, Martin manages to get a rose at the rose ceremony. But unfortunately Casey and Leroy weren’t so lucky.

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