‘Alaskan Bush People’: Sneak Peek at Bear’s Touching Tribute to Dad Billy Brown (VIDEO)

It’s been a tough year for Alaskan Bush People‘s Brown family, and viewers have seen that in the latest season of the Discovery series.

The death of patriarch Billy Brown has left a devastating mark on the brood’s day-to-day life. And in the latest episode, airing Sunday, October 31, we will see the still mourning Browns forced to quickly decide on some difficult next steps or risk jeopardizing their mountain dream.

Alaskan Bush People Bear

(Credit: Discovery)

In an exclusive sneak peek clip above, Bear gets personal, paying an emotional tribute to dad Billy by choosing to cut his hair. “When I was a kid and even a teen, I liked to go with dad,” Bear remembers in the segment.

“Right now, I can’t go with him, so I would at least like to send a piece of me with him,” Bear further explains, before saying, “So, I’m gonna cut my ponytail off in order to send it with dad. Dad’s the only one who’s ever cut my hair and my hair was always a big thing with me, actually, and dad knew how much it mean to me.”

“Ever since Dad passed away, it’s almost like I can hear his voice on the wind,” Bear says solemnly. While viewers can get a sneak peek at his haircut in the clip, above, there’s still plenty to unfold in this pivotal installment.

Stay tuned for more as Alaskan Bush People arrives on Discovery and discovery+ this Sunday, October 31, and let us know what you think of Bear’s tribute to Billy in the comments section.

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