‘Batwoman’: Javicia Leslie & Robin Givens Are Gotham’s Coolest Dynamic Duo (VIDEO)

What on Earth-1 have we done to deserve this?

Not only has Batwoman totally hit its stride with the addition of the wonderful Javicia Leslie‘s Ryan Wilder, but now it’s also delightfully embracing the craziness of the Bat-universe and giving us Robin Givens as Ryan’s mother.

Batwoman + Robin Givens + Javicia Leslie

Katie Yu/The CW

If we didn’t know better, we’d say Alice (Rachel Skarsten) was messing with us.

But here we are, two episodes into Season 3, and the woman who rocked Riverdale as Sierra McCoy has already exited her private helicopter as Jada Jet, barking into a phone about security issues and filling us with excitement. Because it’s clear that some major drama is on the horizon for the CEO boss-lady of Jet Industries.

So, how will the scrappy, snappy Ryan, who grew up in the foster system thinking her mother died in childbirth, handle the revelation that Mom has been alive all this time, has a son, and is loaded? Will she forgive? Or does she think this high-fashion mogul’s motives are as sus as Jada’s reasons for giving her up in the first place?

We spoke with (and, TBH, fanboyed over) Leslie and Givens about this new dynamic duo, as well as Givens’ directing gigs, the possibility of a villainous turn, and the obvious fun being had behind the scenes by the entire Gotham gang. Now… can we join the Jet family, too?!

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