Why ‘The Masked Singer’s Cupcake Wasn’t Surprised By Which Panelist Figured Her Out

Cupcake in The Masked Singer
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for The Masked Singer Season 6, Episode 5 “Date Night.”]

Group B returned to perform again in The Masked Singer Season 6 in hopes of continuing on, and this week, it was Cupcake who fell short.

But that meant it was time to find out who was in the costume, and Cupcake was revealed to be Ruth Pointer of the vocal group, The Pointer Sisters. As she’d said during clue packages, she was on the show with real purpose because someone she loves got news about their health, and she was supposed to share the stage with someone else. Her sister, Anita, was supposed to be a second Cupcake, she told TV Insider.

Pointer shares more about her experience on the show below.

What made you say yes to doing The Masked Singer?

Ruth Pointer: It’s funny. I had watched the show before they asked me to do it and I had actually asked my manager to get me on it. I said, “You need to get me on that show because it looks like so much fun.” I think another one of my managers’ clients had done it. And I probably was a little jealous that I hadn’t been asked, so when we got it, me and my sister, Anita, we were both very excited about it.

What about Cupcake appealed to you? Was it what you thought you would be in when you were thinking about wanting to do the show?

I really hadn’t thought about any costume. I figured it would be more fun for the adventure [to be] something that we chose together with the show people because from what I had seen, they had come up with such brilliant costumes. Oh my God, those costumes are amazing. So I just thought I’d trust them, whatever they choose, it’s probably going to be wonderful anyway. … I think we had made a suggestion of some kind of tree or something and they said, “I think this is better.” This is better. We both liked it.

Cupcake in The Masked Singer


How was moving in it?

Very strategic and awkward.

So were there any adjustments that you made between performances?

Not really. They really do a great job with the particular ways that you have to get into those costumes. They really have it figured out. The costume is in two pieces and the bottom piece is sort of like an oversized pair of coveralls that have suspenders you get into, and then the top part clips together with the bottom part and you poke your arms through the holes and there’s a slit up in the icing that you can hopefully see through. [Laughs] That was a little difficult to see through because it’s like a painted mesh, but it’s an adventure up in there because you’re wired with a microphone and earplugs and all of that at the same time with a bodysuit and ooh, that’s a lot.

What went into your song choice?

I wanted to pick a song that I was kind of familiar with. The first song that I chose, “Heatwave,” was a song that I had sang before when I did a USO tour alone. I felt pretty confident about that because I had done it before and I knew the words, the structure of the song and all that. And then the second time which I was just grateful to even still be there, I picked the Bruno Mars song just because I liked the song.

What’d you think of the panelists’ guesses? It wasn’t until the end that Nicole [Scherzinger] guessed you.

Yeah, I wasn’t surprised that she guessed me, because we had an encounter on a flight a few years back. And I think just the next gen of girl group, her being from a girl group, I just felt like she probably knows about different voices and different girl groups.

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What are you going to take away from your overall experience on the show?

Actually it’s the courage that it takes to do something like that. It just gives me another level of adventure in my life that I didn’t say no to that I might’ve been a little afraid of, but did it anyway.

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