‘Chicago P.D.’: Upton & Voight’s Secret Leads to an Intense Confrontation (RECAP)

Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay, Jason Beghe as Voight, Tracy Spiridakos as Hailey in Chicago PD
Spoiler Alert
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Chicago P.D.

In the Dark

Season 9 • Episode 4

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Chicago P.D. Season 9, Episode 4 “In the Dark.”]

Intelligence tackles a case that takes them to a house that “can kill you from the inside out” — just like keeping the secret that she killed Roy and Sergeant Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) covered it up is doing to Detective Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) on Chicago P.D. But how much longer can she hold that in?

Throughout “In the Dark,” it seems like just a matter of time before she tells someone, likely her partner and fiancé, Detective Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer). Hailey’s not sleeping, and she heads into work at 2 a.m. “This one is all on me,” she tells Officer Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger), who wonders if Halstead snores.

She worries she forgot to search a suspect when he slits his wrists in the interrogation room. She did search him, Sergeant Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) reminds her. There was a jagged screw in the table. But Hailey still blames herself. “This is on me,” she tells Jay. She told the suspect about the house and the dead boys found in connection with it. She heard a noise and missed it. When she can’t breathe, he realizes she’s having a panic attack and tries to calm her. It’s heartbreaking to watch her unravel.

“I killed him, and I can’t. It’s destroying me,” Hailey cries as Voight walks in and sees them. “I can’t live with it.” Jay asks what she’s talking about, and when she looks up, Voight asks if she’s OK. She’s fine, she says, avoiding Jay’s questions. But after that, Jay spends most of the rest of the episode staring at Hailey and Voight like this:

Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead in Chicago PD

Lori Allen/NBC

Jay tries to talk to Hailey, bringing up the fact that she hasn’t been herself since the night she proposed. “I meant everything I said to you,” she insists. “Did something happen with you and Voight that night?” he asks. No, she says, and “I know I’ve been off, but I just haven’t slept, that’s all. There’s nothing else going on.”

But Jay doesn’t let it go and tracks Voight’s movements that fateful night, which alerts his boss, as he’d expected. “Did you kill him?” Jay asks when they meet. Voight says he did, and Roy’s buried where they are. “Isn’t that what you wanted? You wanted to know,” he says.

Jay just thinks Hailey was with Voight that night and is carrying his secret. “Have you seen what it’s done to her?” he asks. “It’s ripping her apart.” She’s blaming herself. “Because she killed him,” Voight reveals. “It was a good shoot in a bad situation. There was no choice but to cover it.” Jay refuses to believe it, but Voight explains she had no choice.

“You can be mad at me, you can be as angry as you want,” Voight tells Jay, but now that he knows, he can help her. “Me help her? You did this to her!” Jay yells. Voight says that Hailey showed up on her own. “Because you put her there! You did, don’t you get that? You dragged her down with you!” Jay argues as the tension builds and builds until …

Voight says, “I don’t think you know the woman you’re sleeping next to,” and Jay punches him in the face. “I found Kim. Kevin and I found her. We didn’t cross a single line. We did good police work and we found her. You did everything you did, what’d you get?” he asks.

And with that, Jay leaves Voight standing there and goes home to Hailey, who was drinking before climbing into bed. When she sees him standing in the doorway of their bedroom, it’s clear she knows that he knows. So where do they — Hailey, Jay, and Voight — go from here?!

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