The Grilling of Monica on ‘Impeachment,’ ‘Chucky’ Comes to TV, A ‘Building’ Eviction Notice, Tom Hanks and Laura Dern Go to the Academy Museum

The strongest episode to date of Impeachment: American Crime Story re-enacts the ambush and interrogation of Monica Lewinsky. The popular horror franchise Chucky becomes a TV series, shared by Syfy and USA. With one more episode to go, Only Murders in the Building finds its amateur sleuths persona non grata to their peeved neighbors. A starry ABC special opens the doors of the new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.


Impeachment: American Crime Story

The date is Jan. 16, 1998, and the shoe drops for Monica Lewinsky (a movingly panicked Beanie Feldstein) when FBI agents, acting on behalf of the Office of the Independent Counsel, ambush her and hold her in a Pentagon City hotel room for hours on end to try to get her to spill about her relationship with President Clinton (Clive Owen). “Linda—WHAT DID YOU DO?” Monica screams to her former friend and Judas, Linda Tripp (Sarah Paulson), who goes shopping while Monica is bullied and intimidated in the docudrama’s most powerful hour to date. Mira Sorvino also scores as Monica’s mother, who swoops in to intervene on her distraught daughter’s behalf.

Chucky - Season 1
Steve Wilkie/USA Network


Series Premiere

Hello, Doll-y! Proving that you can’t keep a good psychotic toy down for long, the possessed plastic moppet from the Child’s Play movie series is back to wreak havoc in a proudly cheesy series that might still make you jump even though you know better. This iteration of the “Good Guy” doll is rescued from a yard sale by bullied teen Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur), who’s got his own axes to grind, so we’ll see if this is the start of a murderous friendship.


Only Murders in the Building

There are several reasons to check back into the Arconia as the mystery-comedy reaches its penultimate episode. First, to see if and how Jan (Amy Ryan) survives her bloody attack while the podcasting amateur sleuths were looking elsewhere. Second, to see if the gang (Steve Martin, Martin Short, Selena Gomez) can survive a no-confidence vote from their neighbors, who aren’t happy about the bad publicity. Third, to enjoy a terrific guest-star cameo as a significant player from Charles’ (Martin) show-biz past. And finally, to savor a climactic twist that changes everything, setting up next week’s finale.

Tom Hanks
Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for BFI

A Night in the Academy Museum


Movie fans of all generations would like to get a peek inside L.A.’s new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, and this star-studded special gives viewers a tour like no other. Tom Hanks and Laura Dern are the hosts, taking us inside the expansive museum dedicated to the art and history of filmmaking. Guests include Annette Bening, Cher, Geena Davis, Danny Glover, Marlee Matlin, Melissa McCarthy, Kumail Nanjiani, Jurnee Smollett and Diane Warren.

Inside Tuesday TV:

  • The Resident (8/7, Fox): Stay strong, Conrad (Matt Czuchry). The new widower is looking for answers to the toughest of life’s questions in the wake of last week’s tear-jerker.
  • Our Kind of People (9/8c, Fox): The flamboyant Alex Newell (Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist) guests as Angela’s (Yaya DaCosta) bestie, Tommy “Tizzie” Jones, who’s come to Oak Bluffs for the grand opening of Angela’s flagship Eve’s Crown store.
  • La Brea (9/8c, NBC): The Good Doctor’s Nicholas Gonzalez joins the mindless fun as a military pilot enlisted to fly an experimental aircraft into the sinkhole to try to establish contact with those on the portal’s other side. And those poor folks are hungry, especially after a giant sloth becomes interested in their dwindling food supply.
  • FBI: International (9/8c, CBS): In a case with echoes of the Amanda Knox Italian murder case, the Fly Team investigates an American man seeking sanctuary at the U.S. Embassy in Madrid. He says he didn’t kill his Spanish boyfriend—but how to explain all that blood evidence all over him?
  • Trial in the Outback: The Lindy Chamberlain Story (streaming on Sundance Now): Memorably dramatized with Meryl Streep as A Cry in the Dark in 1988, this three-part true-crime documentary revisits the notorious “A dingo ate my baby” case in which Lindy Chamberlain was accused and (for a time) convicted of murdering her 9-week-old baby in the Australian outback.
  • Convergence: Courage in a Crisis (streaming on Netflix): On a more inspiring note, an epic documentary travels to eight countries to reveal uplifting stories of people looking out for less fortunate others during the pandemic, including a Miami doctor committed to serving the city’s vulnerable homeless community.
  • Brideshead Revisited (streaming on Netflix): To mark the 40th anniversary of the acclaimed adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s masterpiece, starring Jeremy Irons and Anthony Andrews, the 11-episode miniseries has been remastered in 4K.