‘Under Wraps’: The Stars of Disney Channel’s Reboot Preview Their Roles (VIDEO)

Under Wraps is back and all-new as Disney Channel makes way for a reboot of the 1997 original movie and we have an exclusive first look.

The remake follows three 12-year-old friends who find themselves in a sticky situation after awakening a mummy they decide to call Harold (played by Phil Wright). When Harold gets loose, the trio of pals, Marshall (Malachi Barton), Gilbert (Christian J. Simon), and Amy (Sophia Hammons), must track him down and return the mummy to his tomb before the clock strikes midnight on Halloween.

(Credit: Disney/David Bukach)

Along the way, they’ll encounter a group of criminals who have a plan to capture and sell the mummy to the highest bidder. Once they do manage to capture Harold, Marshall, Gilbert, and Amy will band together to rescue their new friend while facing their fears along the way.

In the sneak peek featurette, above, the cast and director preview what fans can expect from this updated version. “One of the core themes in the movie is about the importance of having an open mind,” says director Alex Zamm. “Harold is the catalyst for all these positive changes in the characters.”

One such character who goes through a bit of a transformation upon meeting Harold is Gilbert who Christian J. Simon calls “a scaredy cat.” The actor teases, “In the beginning, Gilbert wants nothing to do with Harold at all. But throughout the movie Gilbert starts to get to know him more and he starts to like Harold for who he is on the inside.”

Wright, who portrays the mummy echoes his costar, saying, “Gilbert is really trying to overcome his fears, and Harold teaches Gilbert how to find his way through this obstacle.” As for the rest of the crew, Sophia Hammons teases her character Amy, who is new in town, is “very assertive” and that “she knows what she wants.”

And look out for Marshall who Malachi Barton teases “is a super adventurous guy” who “loves anything scary.” See the full sneak peek, above, and don’t miss Under Wraps on Disney Channel this October.

Under Wraps, Movie Premiere, Friday, October 1, 8/7c, Disney Channel