‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ Finale Sneak Peek: Is There Hope for Frances & Tony? (VIDEO)

Something tells us Frances Welty (Melissa McCarthy) is not expecting her conversation with Tony Hogburn (Bobby Cannavale) in the Nine Perfect Strangers season finale (dropping on Hulu on September 22) to take the turn it does in TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek. There may be hope for them!

“I know I said stupid things in the sauna,” Frances begins as she finds him floating in the pool. “I tend to babble when I’m nervous. I tend to babble when I’m not nervous. Anyway, slice that cake, babbling. The fact that you seem to be — not seem to be, that you are really … being a lovely guy, it just set off every panic bell, whistle, and flag that I’ve been carefully constructing for the better part of 40 years.” (Talk about babbling!)

But it won’t be that easy, as Tony calls her out on her age (“I thought you were 50”) and pushes it when she offers “40+.” She allows it: “I deserve that. That’s accurate.”

“The stuff I said in there, I was doubting me, not…so I’m really sorry for what I said in the sauna,” Frances concludes her apology. But there’s good news: He doesn’t let her just walk away and he has a proposition for her.

“For the record, I don’t think you’re wrong,” he calls after her. “I think your instinct that we don’t have a chance in hell is probably correct.” He stops her again when she turns to leave. Watch the clip above to see what he suggests they do.

But can Tranquillum House’s guests leave? Will Masha Dmitrichenko (Nicole Kidman) let them in the finale? How might it end differently from the book? We’ll have to tune in to find out.

Nine Perfect Strangers, Season Finale, Wednesday, September 22, Hulu