Christopher Lloyd & Jaeden Martell Are Live-Action ‘Rick and Morty’ in New Promo (VIDEO)

Rick and Morty, Christopher Lloyd and Jaeden Martell
Adult Swim

It’s time to get schwifty! Adult Swim is giving a fresh take on Rick and Morty with a live-action portrayal of the characters from none other than Christopher Lloyd and Jaeden Martell.

In a newly-released promo from the network, Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith are coming real-life in dimension C-132. The teaser sees Lloyd and Martell step out of one of the show’s portals and into a non-animated version of the family garage which doubles as Rick’s lab.

Turning to Martell, Lloyd says with a signature Rick burp, “Morty, we’re home,” to which his younger companion responds, “ah geez.”

Rick and Morty Season 5 Adult Swim

(Credit: Adult Swim)

The tease comes just days ahead of Season 5’s back-to-back finale episodes airing Sunday, September 5. The reveal has us wondering, will there be a full live-action episode? Not much else can be gleaned from the teaser in regards to plot or story, but fans of the characters might pick up on one detail.

The Twitter caption attached to the video teases Lloyd and Martell’s versions as “C-132 #rickandmorty.” In the animated series, Rick and Morty inhabit dimension C-137, so these live-action versions of the characters could be the show’s version from dimension C-132. In 2015, comic book adaptations of Rick and Morty started to publish in which the characters lived in dimension C-132, so could this be a little nod to that?

Only time will tell, but considering Lloyd and his portrayal of Doc Brown from Back to the Future served as the inspiration behind Rick Sanchez’s character, this crossover is more than exciting. For those less familiar with the animated hit created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland (who voices both main characters), Rick and Morty follows the adventures of the reckless and often sociopathic scientist Rick Sanchez as he drags his shy grandson Morty Smith along for the ride.

Check out the promo, above, and tune into Adult Swim for the back-to-back Season 5 finale episodes.

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