‘Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol’ Puts Langdon in the ‘Middle of a Mystery’

Dan Brown's the Lost Symbol
Fall Preview

Based on Dan Brown’s novel about symbologist Robert Langdon, The Lost Symbol was planned as a movie in the Tom Hanks franchise (The Da Vinci Code, etc.). Instead, producers adapted it into a prequel series, with Ashley Zukerman as the Harvard professor.

“In the book, Langdon is a seasoned adventurer,” says exec producer Dan Dworkin. “Here, he finds himself in the middle of a mystery for the first time.”

Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol Ashley Zukerman

(Credit: Rafy/Peacock)

The game’s on when, in order to rescue his mentor (Eddie Izzard) from kidnappers, the novice hero follows cryptic instructions to decipher symbols near D.C. Expect tricky clues, Masonic lore, CIA agendas and chilling antagonists like Mal’akh (Beau Knapp).

He is, according to fellow EP Jay Beattie, “someone who is focused on becoming a living god, and who sees the people around him as worthy sacrifices.” Yikes!

Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, Series Premiere, Thursday, September 16, Peacock

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